AWS Development Fundamentals

AWS Development Fundamentals
AWS Development Fundamentals
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More than 3 hours of video instruction to help you get up and running with AWS development, so you can quickly deploy your own applications

AWS Development Fundamentals is an easy quick-start guide to developing on AWS. The course begins with a general overview of Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services, followed by in-depth review and demonstrations of services relevant to developers, including EC2, S3, Lambda, VPC, SNS, IAM, and RDS & DynamoDB.

This unique title will give you the knowledge you need to start developing solutions on Amazon Web so you can create and maintain applications that can scale on demand and use the full range of services provided by AWS, is in high demand. Learn all about the various bits and pieces commonly used when developing applications intended to run in AWS. This title is not intended to teach you how to program or develop applications. Rather, the goal is to help you understand the services that are available to run the applications you develop.

So get started with your AWS development today.

Learn How To

  • Explore the more developer-focused offerings, such as the AWS API, SDK, AWS Security constructs, and AWS Developer Tools
  • Set up a lab
  • Design and develop with AWS Services

Lesson descriptions

  1. Course Overview, introduces the purpose and areas of focus of this course as well as setting expectations and expected outcomes.
  2. Introduction to AWS, gives a general overview of Amazon Web Services and some of the services provided.
  3. Setting up a Lab, demonstrates how to set up a lab to follow along with the demonstrations at the end of each service lesson.
  4. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), discusses what EC2 is, where the operating systems of those instances come from, and how to get access to your servers.
  5. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), explains what a VPC is, how they’re created, and how networking and security are applied.
  6. Identity and Access Management (IAM), reviews the operation of IAM.
  7. Simple Storage Service (S3), introduces Simple Storage Service.
  8. AWS Database Services, reviews Amazon RDS service and covers relational databases and NoSQL databases.
  9. Lambda, discusses what Lambda is and how to use it.
  10. AWS CLI, covers the command line interface to AWS, provided by Amazon.
  11. AWS SDK, discusses an alternative to shipping code faster. The AWS Software Development Kit provides libraries for many languages to interact with the various APIs available.
Table of Contents

1 AWS Development Fundamentals – Introduction
2 Module Introduction
3 Learning objectives
4 1.1 Purpose and Areas of Focus
5 1.2 Setting Expectations
6 1.3 Outcomes
7 Learning objectives
8 2.1 Why Move to the Cloud
9 2.2 Cloud Providers
10 2.3 History of AWS
11 2.4 High-level View of AWS Services
12 2.5 AWS Regions
13 Learning objectives
14 3.1 Local Computer Setup
15 3.2 AWS Trial Account Creation
16 Module Introduction
17 Learning objectives
18 4.1 EC2 Overview
19 4.2 Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
20 4.3 AMI Marketplace
21 4.4 Instance Access
22 4.5 Instance Bring-up Demonstration
23 Learning objectives
24 5.1 VPC Overview
25 5.2 VPC Components
26 5.3 VPC Networking & Security
27 5.4 VPC Creation Demonstration
28 Learning objectives
29 6.1 IAM Overview
30 6.2 IAM Users & Roles
31 6.3 IAM Policies
32 6.4 IAM Multi-factor Authentication
33 6.5 IAM Demonstration
34 Learning objectives
35 7.1 S3 Overview
36 7.2 S3 Buckets & Objects
37 7.3 S3 Browsing
38 7.4 S3 Demonstration
39 Module Introduction
40 Learning objectives
41 8.1 Database Services Overview
42 8.2 Database Instances
43 8.3 Relational Database Service (RDS) Overview
44 8.4 RDS Security
45 8.5 RDS Configuration
46 8.6 RDS Monitoring
47 8.7 Relational Databases in AWS Demonstration
48 8.8 DynamoDB (NoSQL) Overview
49 8.9 DynamoDB Console Interaction
50 8.10 DynamoDB Security
51 8.11 DynamoDB Monitoring
52 8.12 DynamoDB Demonstration
53 Learning objectives
54 9.1 Lambda Overview
55 9.2 Lambda Event Sources
56 9.3 Lambda Functions
57 9.4 Lambda Demonstration
58 Module Introduction
59 Learning objectives
60 10.1 AWS CLI Overview
61 10.2 AWS CLI Installation & Usage
62 10.3 AWS CLI Demonstration
63 Learning objectives
64 11.1 AWS SDK Overview
65 11.2 SDK Node.js Run Through
66 11.3 Node.js SDK Demonstration
67 AWS Development Fundamentals – Summary