AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02 & SAA-C03)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02 & SAA-C03)

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Become a Solutions Architect and confidently pass the SAA-C02 or UPCOMING SAA-C03 certification

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the most valuable and in-demand cloud certifications available. It covers all of the core AWS services and is a fantastic entry point into the most popular public cloud platform in the world today.

Getting certified can help improve your confidence and get you interviews, but it’s the skills gained along the way which matter long term. With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to pass the SAA-C02 exam confidently, but also gain the real-world skills you need to perform well in an interview and function as a mid-level AWS Solutions Architect.

I’ve designed the course for the new version of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02) certification. Rather than updating existing content, I’ve created a course which directly aligns with the new structure, products, services and architectures contained in the SAA-C02 exam. This course is kept constantly up to date (weekly), see above for the most recent update status. (Confirmed Suitability for this exam version)


  • IT newcomers or anyone looking to change careers.
  • Experienced Engineers or Consultants
  • IT Managers looking to understand their platforms and Environments
  • Project Managers running or involved with AWS Projects


  • No previous AWS Knowledge required
  • Laptop or Workstation to perform the demo lessons
  • An email address and credit/debit card for the AWS account(s)
  • The course stays mostly within the free tier to avoid costs

ALWAYS CONSIDERS COST: The course starts with by helping you create and setup AWS accounts which you will use for your study. These will benefit from the free-tier giving you free access to AWS products and services up to a certain monthly level.

SUITABLE FOR ANYONE: You don’t need any AWS experience; the course starts by introducing cloud computing and AWS fundamentals at a basic level – ensuring that no student is left behind. What you will need is a computer, an email address and payment card to create the AWS account and a commitment to put in the effort required to pass a challenging exam.
LEARN REAL SKILLS: This course isn’t just about the exam, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one of the most valuable certifications available in IT – but obtaining $100,000+ cloud positions will require experience as well as accreditation. By the end of the course, you will be prepared to pass the exam confidently while also having gained enough experience to use AWS day to day and design AWS solutions.

SCENARIO BASED: The course is based around a real-world like organisation The theory and demo lessons are structured around scenarios which you will encounter in the real world. Whether we’re talking about serverless applications, data migration and connecting AWS to on-premises environments using a Site-to-Site VPN – the things you learn will be useful in the real world.

RESPECTS YOUR TIME: I promise to respect your time. Everything in the course is either relevant to the exam, or will provide the surrounding knowledge which will help you pass with confidence; while also gaining the practical experience needed to get access to exciting job opportunities. Lessons are never more than 20 minutes and often much shorter – I prioritise efficiency, not duration. Each section includes a quiz helping you retain knowledge, and at the end of the course, we’ve designed a full practice exam which mirrors real-world conditions.

TECHNICAL FOUNDATIONS AND AWS: The course covers the essential architectural concepts as they relate to AWS but also covers the core AWS products featured in the exam in some depth. Topics covered include:-

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Autoscaling and Launch Templates
  • Database Solutions including DynamoDB, RDS and Aurora
  • Application Services (SNS, SQS, Kinesis, IOT, SES, Step Functions)
  • Serverless Architecture (Lambda & API Gateway)
  • Monitoring, Deployment and Security

By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently pass the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam and start getting access to some of the best paying careers in the industry.


  • Be ready to sit and pass the SAA-C02 exam with confidence
  • Confidence in technical interviews for that SA Role
  • Be able to design local, global, elastic architectures in AWS that are secure, cost-effective, resilient, efficient and adhere to AWS best practices.
  • Understanding and appreciation for technical fundamentals which AWS products and services rely on
  • Practical experience of:-
  • Building in AWS
  • Evolving architectures in AWS
  • and implementing serverless applications
  • LevelUp your career in terms of $ and project opportunities
  • A foundation for the AWS Professional or Specialty level certifications
Table of Contents

1 Public Introduction
2 Finding and Using the Course Resources
3 Site tools and features
4 AWS Exams
5 Scenario – Animals4life
6 Connect with other students and your instructor
7 AWS Accounts – The basics
8 [202204UPDATE] [DEMO] Creating the GENERAL AWS Account
9 Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
10 [202204UPDATE] [DEMO] Securing An AWS Account
11 [Updated 202204] [DEMO] Creating a Budget
12 [DOITYOURSELF] Creating the Production Account
13 Identity and Access Management (IAM) Basics
14 [202204UPDATE] Adding an IAM Admin – GENERAL ACCOUNT
15 [202204UPDATE] Adding an IAM Admin User – PRODUCTION ACCOUNT
16 IAM Access Keys
17 [DEMO] Creating Access keys and setting up AWS CLI v2 tools
18 Cloud Computing – what is it…really
19 Public vs Private vs Multi vs Hybrid Cloud
20 Cloud Service Models
22 JSON101 – JavaScript Object Notation
23 Network Starter Pack – 0 – INTRO
24 Network Starter Pack – 1 – PHYSICAL
25 Network Starter Pack – 2 – Data Link – Part 1
26 Network Starter Pack – 2 – Data Link – Part 2
27 Decimal to Binary Conversion (IP Addressing)
28 Network Starter Pack – 3 – Network – Part 1
29 Network Starter Pack – 3 – Network – Part 2
30 Network Starter Pack – 3 – Network – Part 3
31 Network Starter Pack – 4 – Transport – Part 1
32 Network Starter Pack – 4 – Transport – Part 2
33 Network Starter Pack – EXTRA – Network Address Translation – PART1
34 Network Starter Pack – EXTRA – Network Address Translation – PART2
35 Network Starter Pack – EXTRA – Subnetting – PART1
36 Network Starter Pack – EXTRA – Subnetting – PART2
37 Network Starter Pack – EXTRA – Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)
38 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
39 [ASSOCIATESHARED] AWS Public vs Private Services
40 [ASSOCIATESHARED] AWS Global Infrastructure
41 [ASSOCIATESHARED] AWS Default Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
42 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Basics
43 [Updated 202204] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] My First EC2 Instance – PART1
44 [Updated 202204] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] My First EC2 Instance – PART2
45 [ASSOCIATESHARED]Simple Storage Service (S3) Basics
46 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] My First S3 Bucket [UPDATED202202]
47 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation (CFN) Basics
48 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Simple Automation With CFN [UPDATED202202]
49 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudWatch (CW) Basics
50 [202204UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [Demo] Simple Monitoring with Cloudwatch
51 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Shared Responsibility Model
52 [ASSOCIATESHARED] High-Availability vs Fault-Tolerance vs Disaster Recovery
53 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Domain Name System (DNS) Fundamentals – PART1
54 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Domain Name System (DNS) Fundamentals – PART2
55 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Route53 (R53) Fundamentals
56 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Registering a Domain
58 [ASSOCIATESHARED] IAM Identity Policies
60 [ASSOCIATE SHARED] [DEMO] Simple Identity Permissions in AWS [UPDATED202202]
62 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Permissions control using IAM Groups [UPDATED202202]
64 [ASSOCIATESHARED] When to use IAM Roles
65 [ASSOCIATESHARED] AWS Organizations
66 [202204UPDATE] [DEMO] AWS Organizations – PART1
67 [202204UPDATE] [DEMO] AWS Organizations – PART2
68 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Service Control Policies (SCPs)
69 [UPDATE202205] [DEMO] Using Service Control Policies
70 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudWatch Logs
72 [202205UPDATE] [UPDATED][DEMO] Implementing an Organizational Trail
73 [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Security (Resource Policies & ACLs)
74 [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Static Hosting
75 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [Demo] Creating a static website with S3 – PART1
76 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [Demo] Creating a static website with S3 – PART2
77 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Object Versioning & MFA Delete
78 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] – S3 Versioning
79 [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Performance Optimization
80 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] – S3 Performance
81 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Encryption 101 – Part 1
82 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Encryption 101 – Part 2
83 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Key Management Service (KMS)
84 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] KMS – Encrypting the battleplans with KMS
85 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Object Encryption – PART1
86 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Object Encryption – PART2
87 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Object Encryption
88 [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Object Storage Classes – PART1
89 [202204UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Object Storage Classes – PART2
90 [202204UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Lifecycle Configuration
91 [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Replication
92 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Cross-Region Replication of an S3 Static Website
94 [202204UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Creating and using PresignedURLs
95 [ASSOCIATESHARED] S3 Select and Glacier Select
96 S3 Events
97 S3 Access Logs
98 [ASSOCIATESHARED] VPC Sizing and Structure – PART1
99 [ASSOCIATESHARED] VPC Sizing and Structure – PART2
102 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Implement multi-tier VPC subnets [UPDATED202202]
103 [ASSOCIATESHARED] VPC Routing, Internet Gateway & Bastion Hosts
104 [202202UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Configuring A4l public subnets and Jumpbox – PART1
105 [202202UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Configuring A4l public subnets and Jumpbox – PART2
106 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Stateful vs Stateless Firewalls
107 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)
108 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Security Groups (SG)
109 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Network Address Translation (NAT) & NAT Gateway – PART1
110 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Network Address Translation (NAT) & NAT Gateway – PART2
111 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] [SETUP] Implementing private internet access using NAT Gateways – PART1
112 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Implementing private internet access using NAT Gateways – PART2
113 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Virtualization 101
114 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EC2 Architecture and Resilience
115 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EC2 Instance Types – PART1
116 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EC2 Instance Types – PART2
117 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] EC2 SSH vs EC2 Instance Connect
118 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Storage Refresher
119 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Elastic Block Store (EBS) Service Architecture
120 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EBS Volume Types – General Purpose
121 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EBS Volume Types – Provisioned IOPS
122 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EBS Volume Types – HDD-Based
123 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Instance Store Volumes – Architecture
124 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Choosing between the EC2 Instance Store and EBS
125 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Snapshots, Restore & Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR)
128 [ASSOCIATESHARED] (Optional) [DEMO] Instance Store Volume – PART3
129 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [Theory] & [DEMO] EBS Encryption
130 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Network Interfaces, Instance IPs and DNS
131 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Manual Install of WordPress on EC2 – PART1
132 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Manual Install of WordPress on EC2 – PART2
133 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
134 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Creating an Animals4life AMI – PART1
135 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Creating an Animals4life AMI – PART2
136 EC2 Purchase Options – PART1
137 EC2 Purchase Options – PART2
138 Reserved Instances – the rest
139 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Instance Status Checks & Auto Recovery
140 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Shutdown, Terminate & Termination Protection
141 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Horizontal & Vertical Scaling
142 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Instance Metadata [THEORY & DEMO]
143 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Introduction to Containers
144 [202202UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Creating ‘container of cats’ Docker Image
146 [ASSOCIATESHARED] ECS – Cluster Mode
147 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] – Deploying ‘container of cats’ using Fargate
148 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Bootstrapping EC2 using User Data
149 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Bootstrapping WordPress Installation – PART1
150 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Bootstrapping WordPress Installation – PART2
151 Enhanced Bootstrapping with CFN-INIT
152 [202205UPDATE] [DEMO] CFN-INIT and CFN Creation Policies
153 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EC2 Instance Roles & Profile
154 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Using EC2 Instance Roles
155 [ASSOCIATESHARED] SSM Parameter Store
156 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Parameter Store
157 [ASSOCIATESHARED] System and Application Logging on EC2
158 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Logging and Metrics with CW Agent-PART1
159 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Logging and Metrics with CW Agent-PART2
160 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EC2 Placement Groups
161 Dedicated Hosts
162 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Enhanced Networking & EBS Optimized
163 [ASSOCIATESHARED] R53 Public Hosted Zones
164 [ASSOCIATESHARED] R53 Private Hosted Zone
166 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Simple Routing
167 [ASSOCIATESHARED] R53 Health Checks
168 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Failover Routing
169 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Using R53 and Failover Routing-PART1
170 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Using R53 and Failover Routing-PART2
171 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Multi Value Routing
172 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Weighted Routing
173 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Latency Routing
174 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Geolocation Routing
175 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Geoproximity
176 [ASSOCIATESHARED] R53 Interoperability
177 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Database Refresher & MODELS – PART1
178 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Database Refresher & MODELS – PART2
179 [UPDATE202101] ACID vs BASE
180 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Databases on EC2
181 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Migrating the WordPress Monolith to a dedicated EC2 DB
182 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Relational Database Service (RDS) Architecture
183 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Migrating MariaDB database into RDS – PART1
184 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Migrating MariaDB database into RDS – PART2
185 [ASSOCIATESHARED] RDS High-Availability (Multi AZ)
186 [ASSOCIATESHARED] RDS Automatic Backup, RDS Snapshots and Restore
188 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] MultiAZ & Using a snapshot to recover from data corruption – PART1
189 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] MultiAZ & Using a snapshot to recover from data corruption – PART2
191 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Aurora Architecture
192 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Migrating WordPress onto Aurora – PART1
193 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Migrating WordPress onto Aurora – PART2
194 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Aurora Serverless
195 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Migrating to Aurora Serverless
196 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Aurora Global Database
197 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Multi-master writes
198 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Database Migration Service (DMS)
199 [ASSOCIATESHARED] EFS Architecture
200 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED][DEMO] Implementing EFS – PART1
202 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Using EFS with WordPress
203 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Regional and Global AWS Architecture
204 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Evolution of the Elastic Load Balancer
205 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Elastic Load Balancer Architecture – PART1
206 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Elastic Load Balancer Architecture – PART2
207 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Application Load balancing (ALB) vs Network Load Balancing (NLB)
208 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Launch Configuration and Templates
209 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Auto-Scaling Groups
210 [ASSOCIATESHARED] ASG Scaling Policies
211 [ASSOCIATESHARED] ASG Lifecycle Hooks
212 [ASSOCIATESHARED] ASG HealthCheck Comparison – EC2 vs ELB
213 SSL Offload & Session Stickiness
214 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE1 – PART1
215 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE1 – PART2
216 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE2
217 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE3
218 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE4
219 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE 5 – PART1
220 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE 5 – PART2
221 [202205UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Architecture Evolution – STAGE6
222 [UPDATE202109] Gateway Load Balancer
223 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Architecture Deep Dive – PART1
224 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Architecture Deep Dive – PART2
228 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudWatchEvents and EventBridge
229 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Automated EC2 Start and Stop and Protect using Lambda and Events – PART1 – Manual Invocation
230 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Automated EC2 Start and Stop and Protect using Lambda and Events – PART2 – Event-Driven Invocation
231 Serverless Architecture
232 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Simple Notification Service
233 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Step Functions
235 [202205UPDATE][ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Build A Serverless App – Pet-Cuddle-o-Tron – PART1
236 [202205UPDATE][ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Build A Serverless App – Pet-Cuddle-o-Tron – PART2
237 [202205UPDATE][ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Build A Serverless App – Pet-Cuddle-o-Tron – PART3
238 [202205UPDATE][ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Build A Serverless App – Pet-Cuddle-o-Tron – PART4
239 [202205UPDATE][ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Build A Serverless App – Pet-Cuddle-o-Tron – PART5
240 [202205UPDATE][ASSOCIATESHARED] [AdvancedDemo] Build A Serverless App – Pet-Cuddle-o-Tron – PART6
241 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Simple Queue Service
242 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Kinesis Data Streams
243 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Kinesis Data Firehose
244 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Kinesis Data Analytics
245 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Amazon Cognito – User and Identity Pools
246 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Cloudfront Architecture
247 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Cloudfront Behaviours
248 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CF TTL and Invalidations
250 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Cloudfront and SSL/TLS
251 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Origin Types & Origin Architecture
252 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Adding a CDN to a static Website using S3 and CloudFront – Part 1
253 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Adding a CDN to a static Website using S3 and CloudFront – Part 2
254 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Adding a Custom Domain and HTTPS to a cloudFront distribution using ACM
255 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Securing CF and S3 using OAI
256 [202111UPDATE] [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Using Origin Access Identity (OAI)
257 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [email protected]
258 Global Accelerator
259 VPC Flow Logs
260 [ASSOCIATESHARED] Egress-Only Internet gateway
261 [ASSOCIATESHARED] VPC Endpoints (Gateway)
262 [ASSOCIATESHARED] VPC Endpoints (Interface)
263 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Accessing S3 Using a Gateway Endpoint (Part1/3)
264 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Using SNS from a private VPC using Interface Endpoints (Part2/3)
265 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Implementing an Egress-Only Internet Gateway (Part3/3)
268 [Advanced] [Optional] Border Gateway Protocol 101
269 AWS Site-to-Site VPN
270 [DEMO] VPC and On-premises VPN – PART1
271 [DEMO] VPC and On-premises VPN – PART2
272 Direct Connect
273 Direct Connect Resilience
274 Transit Gateway
275 [DEMO] Implementing Advanced Hybrid Networking using Transit gateway – PART1
276 [DEMO] Implementing Advanced Hybrid Networking using Transit gateway – PART2
277 Storage gateway
278 Snowball / Edge / Snowmobile
279 Directory Service
280 DataSync
281 [ASSOCIATESHARED] FSx for Windows Servers
283 AWS Secrets Manager
284 AWS WAF & Shield
285 CloudHSM
286 AWS Config
287 Amazon Macie
288 [202111UPDATE] Amazon Inspector
289 [202111UPDATE] Amazon Guardduty
290 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Physical & Logical Resources
291 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Simple Non Portable Template – PART1
292 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Simple Non Portable Template – PART2
293 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Template and Pseudo Parameters
294 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Intrinsic Functions
295 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Mappings
296 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Outputs
297 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] Template v2 – Portable
298 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Conditions
299 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation DependsOn
300 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Wait Conditions & cfn-signal
301 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Nested Stacks
302 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Cross-Stack References
303 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Stack Sets
304 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Deletion Policy
305 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Stack Roles
306 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Init (CFN-INIT)
307 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation cfn-hup
308 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] wait conditions, cfnsignal, cfninit and cfnhup-PART1
309 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] wait conditions, cfnsignal, cfninit and cfnhup-PART2
310 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation ChangeSets
311 [ASSOCIATESHARED] CloudFormation Custom Resources
312 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] CloudFormation Custom Resources-PART1
313 [ASSOCIATESHARED] [DEMO] CloudFormation Custom Resources-PART2
314 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB – Architecture
315 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB – Operations, Consistency and Performance-PART1
316 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB – Operations, Consistency and Performance-PART2
317 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB Local and Global Secondary Indexes
318 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB – Streams & Lambda Triggers
319 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB – Global Tables
320 [ASSOCIATESHARED] DynamoDB – Accelerator (DAX)
321 Amazon Athena
322 [DEMO] Athena Demo – PART1
323 [DEMO] Athena Demo – PART2
324 Elasticache
325 Redshift Architecture
326 Redshift DR and Resilience
327 Exam Technique
328 Question Technique – PART1
329 Question Technique – PART2
330 Thanks! and a favour