AWS Administration: Security Fundamentals

AWS Administration: Security Fundamentals
AWS Administration: Security Fundamentals
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Proper understanding of security services is crucial for any cloud administrator. In this course, instructor Mark Wilkins lays a solid framework for understanding the fundamentals of security services in an AWS environment. Mark begins with a general overview of AWS accounts and security components, including an overview of the AWS shared responsibility model. Then, he helps you take a deeper dive into the subject of identity security by looking at Identity and Access Management and authentication options. He also explores AWS security services like Cognito, Secrets Manager, and Resource Access Manager, explaining what each service does and how to leverage them in your work. Upon wrapping up this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to determine whether the AWS platform’s security offerings are right for your organization.

Table of Contents

1 Fundamentals of AWS security
2 What you should know
3 Understanding your AWS account
4 Global services and infrastructure services
5 Account security components
6 Compute security overview
7 Data compliance levels
8 Data security overview
9 Demo Account security overview
10 AWS compliance frameworks
11 Demo Accessing AWS compliance reports
12 The AWS shared responsibility model
13 AWS and customer scope of responsibility
14 Understanding access points
15 AWS credentials
16 Access keys
17 Data and control panes
18 Identity and Access Management
19 IAM policies
20 IAM roles
21 Demo Creating a role
22 Challenge Create a role
23 Solution Create a role
24 AWS single sign-on
25 Amazon Cognito
26 Demo Amazon Cognito
27 AWS Organizations
28 AWS Secrets Manager
29 AWS Resource Access Manager
30 Demo AWS Organizations and RAM
31 Beyond security fundamentals