AWS Administration – Database, Networking, and Beyond

AWS Administration – Database, Networking, and Beyond

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Build, manage and estimate the cost for AWS secure system

Learn management tools in AWS with networking, security and database services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a bundled remote computing service that provides cloud computing infrastructure over the Internet with storage, bandwidth, and customized support for application programming interfaces (API).

This video will help you in AWS administration. We’ll begin with the monitoring and alerting which is the critical part of using AWS-based infrastructure. Next, you will see database services provided by AWS cloud. You can stop depending on individual servers for your data with highly available, fault tolerant location to store your application. You will then see networking which is foundational component of using other AWS services such as EC2, RDS, and others. Moving on, you will see security which is one of the most critical areas of using the cloud.Finally, you will learn to estimate the costs for your cloud. By the end of the video, you will be able to easily administer your AWS cloud.

What You Will Learn

  • Provides an overview of auditing and monitoring our infrastructure
  • Create, manage and scale database on AWS
  • Introduces private, routing and DNS
  • Offers practical solutions for security and identity
  • Estimate the usage cost

+ Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Auditing AWS Account
03 Creating Email Alarms
04 Publishing Custom Metrics in CloudWatch
05 Creating Monitoring Dashboards
06 Creating a Budget
07 Feeding Log Files into CloudWatch logs
08 Creating a Database with Automatic Failover
09 Creating a Database Read Replica
10 Creating a One-Time Database Backup
11 Calculating DynamoDB Performance
12 Building a Secure Network
13 Creating a NAT Gateway
14 Canary Deployment Via DNS
15 Hosting a Domain
16 Routing Based on Location with Failover
17 Network Logging and Troubleshooting
18 Creating SSL Certificates
19 Active Directory as a Service
20 Creating Users
21 Creating Instance Roles
22 Calculating Tools
23 Estimating CloudFormation Template Costs
24 Purchasing Reserved Instances
25 Estimating Total Cost of Ownership