EARLY BIRD: Automate Everything with Python

EARLY BIRD: Automate Everything with Python

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Spin up your Python skills to a pro level, learn to create hundreds of programs and build a large GitHub portfolio!

In a fast-growing world, Python programming is becoming a must-have skill. This course uses high-tech tools to help you master Python. Whether you want to automate email sending, rename 10 thousand files at once, schedule SMS, auto-start the webcam, auto-login to websites, scrape values, and many, many more, this course has it all. In the process of learning to do all those cool programs, you will master Python and will create programs with ease.

What will students learn to automate?
One of Python’s strongest points is to make our jobs easier and more fun by automating tasks in any area. You will learn to send emails with attachments to hundreds of CSV contacts, automate SMS messages, filter photos from your albums, detect faces in photos and videos, spin up and deploy quick web apps, extract data from websites and PDF files, convert between different file formats, clean text using natural language processing, and many many more. At the end of the course, you will be equipped with a strong set of skills and a good GitHub portfolio.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to use Python to automate web scraping, video processing, chatbots, and hundreds of more tasks
  • Build a vast GitHub portfolio of your own programs, which you will build during the course
  • Validate and improve your skills with independent Python exercises
  • Be ready to apply for Python jobs after finishing the course
  • Learn the latest Python high-tech tools and packages
  • Learn Python programming tricks as you build real-world programs
  • Get support from the instructor and the student community forum
Table of Contents

Python Environment Preparation
1 Introduction
2 Welcome
3 The IDE
4 Using the IDE
5 Enhanced IDE

Sending Emails
6 Gmail App Password
7 Sending a Single Email with Python
8 (Exercise) Sending an Email Periodically
9 (Solution) Sending an Email Periodically
10 Sending an Email Every Day at a Certain Time
11 Scheduling the Script for Execution on PythonAnywhere
12 Sending Emails to a CSV List of Contacts
13 Sending Emails with Attachments
14 (Exercise) Send Email with Attachment to CSV List
15 Solution
16 Send an Email with Modified Attachment

Browser Automation and Web Scraping
17 Scraping Simple Text with Selenium
18 Scraping Dynamic Value
19 Automate Login Process
20 (Exercise) Log in, Click, and Scrape
21 (Solution) Log in, Click, and Scrape
22 (Exercise) Log in, Click, Scrape, and Save in Text File
23 (Solution) Login, Click, Scrape and Save in Text File
24 Tip Deleting All Text Files
25 (Exercise) Accessing an Online Retailer
26 (Solution) Accessing an Online Retailer
27 Publishing Scraped Data
28 Scrape Stock Data and Save to CSV
29 Scrape Twitter
30 Download Instagram Photos

Sending SMS
31 Send Single SMS
32 Schedule SMS for Sending
33 Amazon Price Notification by SMS
34 Weather by SMS
35 Autoresponding to an SMS

Student Project #1
36 Project Requirements
37 Project Solution

Image Processing
38 Convert Image to Grayscale
39 (Exercise) Convert Multiple Images to Grayscale
40 Solution
41 Resize Image
42 (Exercise) Resize Multiple Images
43 (Solution) Resize Multiple Imgaes
44 Detect Faces in Image
45 (Exercise) Find Images with Faces
46 (Solution) Find Images with Faces
47 Adding Watermark to Image
48 Changing the Image Background
49 Detect Other Objects in Image
50 Create an Album From Multiple Images
51 Average Temperature from Satellite Image
52 Visualize Average Temperatures from Satellite Images
53 Image to Text

Video Processing
54 Section Introduction
55 Calculate Video Info
56 Extract Image Frames
57 Find Faces in Video

Student Project #2
58 Project Requirements
59 Project Solution

File and Folder Operations
60 Intro to Python Pathlib Library
61 Add Prefix to All Filenames in Folder
62 Rename All Files Based on Folder
63 (Exercise) Rename All Files Based on Sub-Sub-Folders
64 (Solution) Rename All Files Based on Sub-Sub-Folders
65 (Exercise) Add Created Date to All Filenames in Folder
66 (Solution) Add Created Date to All Filenames in Folder
67 (Exercise) Change File Extensions
68 (Solution) Change File Extensions
69 Create Empty Files
70 Create Archive from Files
71 Extract All ZIP Files
72 (Exercsie) Search File in Computer
73 (Solution) Search File in Computer
74 Destroy files forever

Text Processing
75 Using Regex
76 Subtitle Converter
77 Subtitle Translator
78 Remove Empty Lines in Text File
79 Remove Empty Lines from All Text Files (Exercise)
80 Censure Words in Text Files

Natural Language Processing
81 Plagarism Checker
82 Sentence Generator
83 Human Mood Sentiment Analysis

Audio Processing
84 Section Introduction
85 Working with Audio (Reversing, Volume Changing, Lopping, Slicing, and Silencing)
86 OverlayingMixing Music Audio
87 Adding Audio Effects, Low Pass Filter, Mono, and Stereo
88 Speech RecognitionConverting Speech to Text
89 (Exercise) Find Audio Files Containing a Certain Word
90 (Solution) Find Audio Files Containing a Certain Word
91 Making a PDF out of an Audio File
92 Converting Text to Speech
93 Making an Audiobook from a PDF
94 Converting Between Audio File Formats
95 Extract Audio from Video
96 Visualize Audio Files

Student Project #3
97 Project Requirements
98 Project Solution

Data Visualization Automations
99 Visualizing Scraped Data in Real-Time
100 Graph Scraped Data With Deepnote

Working with Google Sheets
101 Opening a Public Google Spreadsheet with Python
102 Opening a Private Google Spreadsheet with Python
103 Get Rows and Columns
104 Get a Cell
105 Update a Cell
106 Update and Add a Column
107 Calculate Column Mean (Exercise)
108 Calculate Column Mean (Solution)
109 Listening to Cell Change
110 Formating
111 Create New Spreadsheets and Worksheets
112 Add CSV to Google Spreadsheet

Working with Office Documents
113 Automation PowerPoint Generation from CSV Data
114 Inserting Images in Word Documents
115 Generating Word Documents from Excel Spreadsheets

Working with PDFs
116 Extracting Text from PDF
117 Extracting Tables from PDF
118 Creating a PDF
119 Generating a PDF Document with Python
120 Generating a PDF from Excel Spreadsheets
121 PDF Page Deleter
122 Merge PDF Documents
123 Image to PDF Converter
124 Images and Captions from CSV to PDF
125 Video to GIF Converter

Student Project #4
126 Project Requirements
127 Project Solution

Building Converters
128 CSV to Excel Converter
129 Excel to CSV (Exercsie)
130 PDF to Word
131 Word to PDF (Exercise)
132 JSON to Excel Converter

Accessing Computer Resources
133 Starting the Computer Webcam
134 Capturing Screenshots
135 Recording Audio
136 Capturing Screenshots Every 10 Minutes
137 Controlling the Mouse
138 Accessing Processor Data
139 Get Computer Public IP Address
140 Reminder Popup

Downloading and Uploading
141 Downloading Files from the Web
142 Exercise Downloading Files from the Web
143 FTP File Downloader
144 Uploading Files to the Web

Student Project #5
145 Project Requirements
146 Project Solution

Web Apps and GUI Apps
147 Create and Publish a Flask Web App
148 Password-Protected Files GUI App
149 Task Manager App
150 File Destroyer App
151 Video Player With Kivy
152 Live Currency Converter
153 Text Grammar Corrector GUI
154 Alarm Clock

155 Wikipedia Chatbot
156 Helper Chatbot

Student Project #6
157 Project Requirements
158 Project Solution

159 City Map Generator
160 Pandas-Like Library
161 Translate Documents
162 Quick Build and Deploy of Flask Apps
163 Publishing Jupyter Output on a Website
164 QR Code Generator for URLs
165 QR Scanner Script
166 Find Word Definition

Reddit Bots and Scrapers
167 Scrape Reddit Post and Comments
168 Get All Posts of the Last 24h for any Subreddit
169 Create New Post
170 Reply to Posts and Comments

Interacting with APIs
171 LinkedIn API
172 Facebook API
173 Air Quality API
174 European Weather Database API
175 Accu Weather API
176 Open News API
177 Tiny URL API

SQL Databases
178 Get Data from an SQL Database
179 SQL to CSV
180 SQL to Excel
181 SQL to Graph
182 SQL to Website