Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core

Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core
Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core
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Gain a thorough understanding of the modern authentication and authorization aspects of an application architecture and obtain the ability to implement these aspects in an ASP.NET Core application.

Authentication and authorization are essential aspects of an ASP.NET Core application. In this course, Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core, you will gain the ability to apply these concepts using the current recommended guidelines. First, you will learn how authentication works at ASP.NET Core’s core. Next, you will discover how to authenticate using the Identity framework and how to do it with an OpenIdConnect Identity Provider. Finally, you will explore how to properly do authorization in all your applications. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of applying authentication and authorization needed to secure your ASP.NET apps.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Understanding Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core
2 Introduction
3 Authentication and Authorization
4 Setting Up
5 Adding Cookie Authentication
6 Logging Users in and Out
7 Understanding and Accessing ClaimsPrincipal
8 Understanding External Identity Providers
9 Adding External Identity Providers
10 Working with Multiple Identity Providers
11 Summary

Implementing Authentication with ASP.NET Core Identity
12 Introduction
13 Creating a New Project
14 Examining the Data Store
15 Configuring Identity in the Startup Class
16 Identity’s UI
17 Retrofitting Identity
18 Exploring Identity’s Classes
19 Working with Claims
20 Enabling Roles
21 Utilizing Tokens and Adding Email Support
22 Two-factor Authentication
23 External Identity Providers
24 Using Identity beyond One Application
25 Summary

Applying an OpenIdConnect Identity Provider
26 Introduction
27 Authenticating with an Identity Provider
28 Understanding Identity Provider Concepts
29 Delegating Client Authentication
30 Choosing an OpenIdConnect Flow
31 Exploring an Identity Provider Implementing IdentityServer
32 Understanding Cookies and Single Sign-on
33 Configuring an Identity Provider
34 Protecting and Calling an API with an Access Token
35 Using Client Credentials Flow
36 Protecting Tokens
37 Adding Refresh and Reference Tokens
38 Utilizing Cloud Identity Providers
39 Summary

Applying Authorization
40 Introduction
41 Authorizing with Policies
42 Checking Policies in Views and Pages
43 Understanding Requirements and Handlers
44 Implementing Requirements and Handlers
45 Applying Resource-based Policies
46 Authorization in APIs
47 Exploring Alternative Authorization Data Sources
48 Summary