Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition

Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition
Atomic Scala, 2nd Edition by Bruce Eckel, Dianne Marsh
English | 2015 | ISBN: 0981872513 | 411 Pages | True PDF | 10 MB

This should be your first Scala book, not your last. We show you enough to become familiar and comfortable with the language – competent, but not expert. You’ll write useful Scala code, but you won’t necessarily be able to read all the Scala code you encounter.
When you’re done, you’ll be ready for more complex Scala books, several of which we recommend at the end of this one. This is a book for a dedicated novice. “Novice” because you don’t need
prior programming knowledge, but “dedicated” because we’re giving you just enough to figure it out on your own. We give you a foundation in programming and in Scala but we don’t overwhelm you
with the full extent of the language.
Beginning programmers should think of it as a game: You’ll get through by solving a few puzzles along the way. Experienced programmers can move rapidly through the book and find the place where they must slow down and start paying attention.