Artificial Intelligence for Students

Artificial Intelligence for Students

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Artificial intelligence is a growing area of interest for the future of work. However, it can feel overwhelming to begin learning about AI given the vastness of the subject. In this course, Jim Sterne, a longtime marketing analyst passionate about advancing AI, shares the basics of what you need to know to get started using artificial intelligence. First, Jim reviews the basics of what artificial intelligence truly is. He then explores some additional concepts related to AI, such as natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning. Then, Jim shares applications of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and how the two work together. He also reviews the relationship between humans and AI, and how you can use AI to your benefit. He closes by reviewing the future state of artificial intelligence. Upon completion of this course, you will have a solid base of knowledge to begin leveraging AI to your advantage.

Table of Contents

1 How students can use AI

1. What Is Artificial Intelligence
2 AI Not what you see in the movies
3 How AI came about
4 AI is an umbrella term

2. What Is Natural Language Processing
5 AI Speech to text
6 AI Turn text to meaning
7 AI Analyze meaning for sentiment
8 AI Imitate human speech
9 AI Writing

3. What Is Computer Vision
10 Recognize objects
11 Interpret video and deep fakes
12 Computer vision uses

4. What Is Machine Learning
13 ML is a new way of programming
14 Supervised learning
15 Unsupervised learning
16 Reinforcement learning

5. Putting Machine Learning to Work
17 ML is good at these things
18 What AI needs to work
19 Checklist for AI projects
20 AI warnings

6. The Human Side of AI
21 Roles you might play
22 Augment yourself
23 Why humans will always be needed

7. The Future of AI
24 Long list of uses
25 The future of AI

26 In your hands