AppSettings and Secrets in ASP.NET Core

AppSettings and Secrets in ASP.NET Core

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Understand AppSettings and learn how to secure your application secrets from development to production in ASP.NET Core Application Settings is a small piece of .NET Core application! But it is a very CRITICAL piece. Since you have all secrets and passwords. Not knowing how to configure AppSettings would lead to a vulnerable application and it would be difficult to manage things once the application grows. There are multiple ways to access your secrets in a .NET Core application, I will be walking you through all the ways in this course. There is a certain hierarchy that is followed when it comes to a priority about which settings should be read first and knowing the correct order is critical. We will walk through all of that! Losing control of production passwords, API keys, and other secrets can be extremely costly to any business. In this course, Securing Application Secrets in ASP.NET Core, you will learn how to keep secrets safe in development through to production. This course will get you up and running with ASP.NET Core AppSecrets and Settings from basics all the way to completely securing them using Azure Key vaults. What you’ll learn
  • AppSettings in .NET Core
  • Accessing Secrets in .NET Core
  • What are Application Secrets and why should you secure them?
  • Options Class
  • Switching Environments
  • Hierarchy for accessing secrets in .NET Core
  • User Secrets in .NET Core
  • Azure Key Vault
+ Table of Contents

Section 1
1 Welcome
2 Secrets in Application
3 Why Appsecrets should be secured
4 Create Project
5 Add to Github

Section 2
6 Add SendGrid in AppSettings
7 Retrieve SendGrid Value from AppSettings
8 Sections in AppSettings
9 Another way to retrieve Sections in AppSettings
10 Assignment 1
11 Assignment 1 – GetValue and GetSection
12 IConfiguration in View

Section 3
13 Bind Class to App Settings Section
14 IOptions
15 Bind TwilioSettings in Startup Class File
16 Extension Method
17 Hierarchy and Limitations of Extension Method
18 Injecting Ioptions in View
19 Connection String

Section 4
20 Environment Specific AppSettings
21 User secrets- Theory
22 User Secrets
23 Environment Variables in LaunchSettings
24 Set Environment Variables in Console
25 Environment Variables on Machine
26 Command Line
27 Default Hierarchy
28 Custom Json File

Section 5
29 Azure Key Vault Overview
30 Create Azure Key Vault
31 Publish to Azure
32 Azure Key Vault localhost demo
33 Azure Application and KeyVault Link
34 Moving KeyVaultName to AppSettings