Appium(Selenium)-Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch

Appium(Selenium)-Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch
Appium(Selenium)-Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch
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Appium -Top class 200 +Lectures on Mobile Automation from basics to Framework level with real time examples

Learn everything you need to know about Mobile Automation (Android+ IOS) Even If you’ve never programmed before! I teach the Concepts from the Scratch assuming my students are new to Automation and will get them through real time examples to boost confidence on them and finally make them ready for Interviews with my lectures. I have made one Section on Selenium Webdriver basics for the Students who do not have knowledge on Selenium, You can go through them to make your basics strong and switch back to Appium for better understanding. Topics Include: Appium Features Appium Internal Architecture Configuration setup on your device Working on Native Apps Working on Hybrid Apps Appium API's explanation Mobile Gestures Automation Automating Browser Apps Tips in identifying objects on App and browser Automating on real devices How to start with IOS IOS capabilities and guidelines Appium latest updates Appium Integration with Maven Selenium Basics(optional). It’s Time to Learn Mobile Automation! Mobile market is booming tremendously and need of Quality Testing in these Platforms becoming a major challenge, especially finding a right Automation tool which works on all mobile platforms. Major asset of Appium is that this can work on both Android and IOS Platforms, which means write the code once and execute it in across platforms. All the topics were taught from basic to advanced level with a lot of tricks and tips which makes users to get perfection on the things. At the end of this course you can pick any Mobile application and can automate it whatever the way you want.

All Appium Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of courseTheoretical Material, Code dump and Interview Guide are available for download.

Table of Contents

01 Course Agenda
02 Appium Features
03 Appium Internal Architecture
04 Installing Android Studio and Java
05 Configuring System variables for both Android SDK and Java
06 Configuring Virtual Mobile device for running tests
07 Downloading Node.js and install Appium via npm
08 Important information on Appium versions
09 Configuring Appium Java client jars for frontEnd execution
10 Brushup Java concepts -1
11 Brushup Java concepts -2
12 Brushup Java concepts -3
13 What is Xcode Install Xcode
14 Validating IOS Simulator and Downloading Java
15 Installing Eclipse IDE for MAC
16 Downloading Appium_Selenium Jars
17 What are Desired capabilities How to talk to Appium server
18 Invoking Android Driver- Creating base program
19 Execution of Appium first program on Mobile Native APP
20 UIAutomator tool usage-Inspection of elements
21 Automating app UI Using Xpaths and text attributes
22 Appium API's for UI interaction with id's and classNames
23 Handling Multiple similar objects of Apps with indexes
24 AndroidUIAutomator usage in identifying objects of Apps
25 TouchActions in Appium (Gestures Automation -1)
26 Tapping and longpress events (Gestures Automation -2)
27 Strategy for automating Swipping event(Gestures Automation -3)
28 Demo on swipping the clock- Practise exercises
29 How to automate scrolling Gestures Automation -5
30 Drag and drop on Native Apps with Appium (Gesture Automation -6)
31 Automating Android Key Events with Appium
32 Miscellaneous key Events handling with Appium
33 Invoking App with package Activity
34 Example on package name and Activity invoking apps
35 Automation on real devices
36 Music App- Testcases to Automate
37 Practise Exercise-1 Scrolling down
38 Practise Exercise- 1.2 -End to end flow
39 Toggle off_on mechanism Automation
40 Practise exerices-Testcases to Automate
41 Practise Exercise -Covering core Appium API
42 Configuring Real device to system for running Appium Tests
43 Exercises on Real device-Native Apps automation
44 Important things to know when executing on Physical_Emulator devices
45 Mobile Browser Configuration setup for Appium Tests
46 Automating the Chrome Mobile Browser
47 Exercises-Mobile Browser automation – 1
48 Exercises-Mobile Browser automation – 2
49 Testcase- Automating Udemy Mobile View Site
50 Problem – Description
51 Identifying frames from Html view
52 Element Hidden or Invisible-How to validate
53 Writing Generic functions to Identify Frames_Windows
54 Example Demonstrating Multiple Frames
55 Handling Auto suggestive dropdown options
56 Dynamic data loading- Exception Techniques
57 Hybrid Apps features and ways to test them
58 Views switching Mechanism
59 Example on Hybrid App handling – 1
60 Example on Hybrid App handling – 2
61 IOS Testing Introduction
62 Setting up IOS App and Appium Desktop on MAC
63 IOS Driver Invocation with Desired capabilities
64 Running IOS first Automation Testcase with Appium Inspector
65 Desired capabilities code
66 Exercise 2 - Scrolling in IPhones with Appium
67 Exercise 3 - Handling Steppers and page navigations
68 Exercise 4 - Dropdown Scrollers automation with Appium
69 Safari Mobile Browser Automation configuration
70 Useragent to get Safari Browser objects
71 Practise Exercise on Safari Mobile Browser