API Test Automation with SoapUI

API Test Automation with SoapUI
API Test Automation with SoapUI
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With industry trends like cloud computing and the Internet of Things, there is a growing need for testers that know and understand API testing tools. One powerful and mature tool used by companies around the world is SoapUI. This course is designed to help you get started with SoapUI and covers the basics of how to use it. Instructor Dave Westerveld explains how to set up your first project, create new tests, perform load and security testing, and make your tests more automated and efficient with scripting. Plus, learn how to integrate SoapUI with Docker-based build pipelines. The training is filled with examples featuring real-world, public APIs so you can see how SoapUI functions in real testing scenarios.

Topics include:

  • Creating your first project in SoapUI
  • Adding request and query parameters
  • Creating test suites
  • Scripting with dynamic properties
  • Running SoapUI from the command line or Docker
Table of Contents

1 Learning SoapUI for API testing
2 What to expect
3 SoapUI for testing APIs
4 Installation and setup
5 Creating your first project in SoapUI
6 Using SoapUI to explore an API
7 Request and query parameters in SoapUI
8 Creating a test suite
9 Create a workflow-driven test suite
10 Using properties in a test
11 Create a data-driven test suite
12 Test suite setup and teardown
13 Getting started with assertions
14 Script assertions
15 Debugging failing tests
16 Global properties and environment variables
17 Using dynamic properties
18 More advanced scripting in SoapUI
19 Mocking with SoapUI
20 Creating and running security tests
21 Overview of load testing options
22 Setting up load tests
23 Analyzing load testing results
24 Running SoapUI from command line
25 Automating report creation
26 Running SoapUI from Docker
27 Next steps