Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB

Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB
Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB
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REST API backend development. Build Node API and restful express API

Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB

Are you a mobile app developer that needs a backend API & database?

Do you have an mobile product idea?

Do you want to create your own startup?

Or do you want to become a backend developer?

This is THE course for you.

We have taught over 50,000 students how to code and so many of them have the same question, "How can I build a server for my mobile apps?"

What you will learn:

  • Node
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • ES6 & Javascript
  • API development
  • How to get an iOS app to talk to your API
  • How to get an Android app to talk to your API
  • Tooling & automation
  • Professional coding tips & practices
  • And so much more....

This course is for ANYONE - but we specifically designed it to take mobile developers to the next level by helping them build their own APIs for their apps!

Table of Contents

API Course Intro
1 Intro to API Course
2 What is a REST API
3 How to get free live help in our chatroom

Setup for Node, MongoDB, Postman, and other API tools
4 API Tooling Intro for Node API
5 Installing Atom - Code editor for API development
6 Installing Nodejs & node version manager
7 Installing MongoDB - noSQL database
8 Installing Postman - Client to test node API
9 Installing Node js packages with NPM

Hello API
10 Hello World API Example Code Along in Node

JavaScript Basics
11 Intro - Why Javascript for node API development
12 ECMAScript Standards and ES6
13 ES6 Variables
14 ES6 Strings
15 ES6 Operators
16 ES6 Conditionals and Loops
17 ES6 Functions
18 ES6 JavaScript Objects
19 ES6 Arrays
20 ES6 Array Helpers
21 ES6 'this' and 'bind'
22 ES6 'Call'
23 ES6 'import' and 'require'
24 Exercise

Creating our REST API
25 Node REST API Section Intro
26 Setting up our Node Project Skeleton
27 Setting up MongoDB for Node API
28 Adding Data (POST requests in Node)
29 Retrieving Data (GET requests in Node)
30 Updating Data (PUT requests in Node)
31 Deleting Data (DELETE requests in Node)
32 Adding features to our Node API and refactoring
33 Exercise

Authentication and Security
34 Setting up our User Model for Authentication in Node
35 Authentication Middleware and Securing Resources in Node
36 Exercise

Deploying Our Node API To A Live Server
37 Node deployment: Intro
38 Node deployment: Spinning up a Digital Ocean droplet for our Node API
39 Node deployment: Digital Ocean droplet part 2
40 Node deployment: Digital Ocean droplet part 3

Creating an iOS app to make use of our Node REST API
41 Building an iOS client Intro
42 API Adjustments
43 Data Models
44 DataService
45 AuthService
46 Main ViewController
47 LogIn ViewController
48 AddFoodTruck ViewController
49 Details ViewController
50 Reviews ViewController
51 AddReview ViewController
52 Exercise - Extending our iOS API Client

Creating an Android app to make use of our Node REST API
53 API Adjustments
54 Intro to Section
55 Set up the Data Model
56 Create the Recycler View
57 Create FoodTruck detail view
58 FoodTruck detail view Part 2
59 Retrieve FoodTruck reviews
60 Create the reviews Recycler View
61 Create the Login Screen
62 User registration
63 User login
64 Add FoodTruck review
65 Add new FoodTruck