API Design in Node v2

API Design in Node v2

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We’ll start by getting into what is Node and how is it different from the JavaScript you write in the browser. Node has become very popular and is the go-to for creating tooling and API’s. We’ll attempt to build an API with pure Node native’s and discover the fallacies and why we need a framework like express.
Next, we’ll level up and learn about Express, a small but powerful framework we can use to create full-featured API’s in Node. We’ll learn how to compose routes, use middleware, and create controllers to respond back with the JSON our app’s need.

Can’t have an API without data! We’ll learn what is MongoDB and how it’s different from SQL DB’s. We’ll use Mongoose, the chosen ODM / ORM for Mongo to model data for our API. We’ll then connect to our MongoDB database and ensure our API can perform CRUD on the Database.
Finally, we’ll jump into how we can introduce GraphQL into our REST API. Either side by side or by replacing it entirely. We’ll learn what GraphQL is and how to quickly take advantage of it with the code we’ve already written.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Nodejs runtime and Commonjs and installing dependencies with Yarn and npm
  • Create a REST API with express, taking advantage of its routing and middleware
  • Build a free MongoDB instance, connect to it, save the data and secure your application
  • Secure your API
  • Create GraphQL resolvers, mutations, queries and schemas
  • Migrate your REST API to GraphQL
  • And learn how to test your API