Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru

Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru
Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru
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Master Apache Maven to Build and Deploy your Java and Spring Boot Applications

In this course, you will learn to master Apache Maven. You will become a ‘guru’ using Apache Maven.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn about Maven build lifecycles
  • Use Maven to build and package Java projects
  • See how to use Maven with popular alternative JVM languages, including Groovy, Kotlin, and Scala
  • Configure Maven to run your unit and integration tests written in JUnit 3, JUnit 4, JUnit 5, TestNG, and Spock
  • Generate source code from XML and JSON schemas
  • Leverage annotation processing at compile time for Project Lombok and Mapstruct
  • Learn in depth about the Apache Maven plugin system and see how plugins are used in the build lifecycle
  • Build Spring Boot applications with Apache Maven
  • Improve your code quality with code coverage and spot bug reports
  • Unlock valuable capabilities of the Spring Boot Maven plugin!
  • Deploy project artifacts to Maven repositories
  • Develop multi-module Maven projects


  • Learn Apache Maven, the most popular Java build tool!
  • Create Apache Maven projects from scratch
  • See how to configure Apache Maven plugins for real world use cases
  • Use Apache Maven to build, test, package, and deploy your Java application
  • See how to create multi-module Apache Maven projects
  • Configure Maven plugins to work within Maven build lifecycles
  • Deploy your Java project to Maven Central or other Maven repositories
  • Leverage Apache Maven’s convention over configuration