Angular Components – like a Pro! (Angular 2/4/5+)

Angular Components – like a Pro! (Angular 2/4/5+)

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Master the Angular Components like a PRO to create technically brilliant components

This course will take you through the whole complexity of Angular components, starting with the most basic level, and reaching the most advanced cases.

From using Inputs and Outputs, to communication between transcluded components and generating components dynamically. This course covers all component related aspects you need to learn in order to master Angular as a professional.

Some of the topics that you will learn through the course, are:

  • Angular components lifecycle
  • Communication between parent and children components, in both directions
  • Template Reference Variables
  • Component architectures
  • Observables & AsyncPipe
  • View style’s encapsulation
  • Change detection strategies
  • Content projection (transclusion)
  • Platform Agnostic Rendering
  • Dynamic Components

What Will I Learn?

Build Angular components with the same quality of those from other Angular based frameworks like Ionic or Angular Material
Manage your app components in the right and scalable way

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Source code and install process

Basic Level
3 Component decorator
4 Building a new component
5 Progress bar component Component styles host
6 Input decorator property bindings
7 Countdown component ngOnInit lifecycle hook
8 Output decorator EventEmitter event bindings
9 Using child component methods via Template Reference Variable
10 Lifecycle hooks ngOnChange ngOnDestroy

Intermediate Level
11 Stateful VS Stateless Components
12 Source code install process
13 Presentational Components stateless
14 Containers stateful components
15 Moving logic to a service Single Responsibility Principle
16 Providers at a component and module levels
17 Observables Subjects Emitting events from a service
18 BehaviourSubject AsyncPipe
19 Good practices – Getters or how to avoid logic inside templates
20 Default change detection strategy
21 OnPush change detection strategy
22 Component styles encapsulation shadow DOM

Advanced Level
23 Content projection with ng-content
24 ng-content and projection slots
25 ng-content Dont Repeat Yourself DRY strategies
26 Access parent component from code
27 ContentChild access the projected content
28 ContentChildren QueryList access the projected content
29 ViewChild access child component
30 ViewChildren QueryList access children components
31 ElementRef and NativeElement
32 Renderer Platform Agnostic Render
33 ng-container – grouping elements without a wrapper
34 ng-template – repeating content into the DOM
35 Creating Dynamic Components
36 Dynamic Components Inputs and Outputs
37 Dynamic Components Creation and Destruction
38 Final thoughts