Angular: The Big Picture

Angular: The Big Picture
Angular: The Big Picture
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This course will teach you a high level view of Angular, to assist you in either understanding Angular better for your own development, or learning when to use Angular vs. other front end frameworks.

Angular is one of the most popular front end frameworks, but sometimes you can miss the forest for the trees. In this course, Angular: The Big Picture, you'll get a high level view of Angular as a framework. First, you'll learn Angular's benefits. Next, you'll discover its architecture. Finally, you'll explore some tips, tricks, gotchas, and where Angular is headed. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of Angular to either help you as you learn its syntax and APIs, or assist you in choosing a framework for your next project.

Table of Contents

01 Course Overview
02 Introduction
03 Angular, What, and Why
04 Hello Angular
05 Versions of Angular
06 Summary
07 Introduction
08 Universal Benefits
09 Subjective & Situational Benefits
10 Basic Features
11 Advanced Features
12 Summary
13 Introduction
14 One Way Data Flow
15 Dependency Injection
16 Components
17 Directives
18 Templates
19 Zone.js & Change Detection
20 Rendering Targets
21 Summary
22 Introduction
23 The Angular CLI
24 Server-side Rendering
25 Mobile & Native Frameworks
26 Testing Tools
27 AOT Compiler
28 Editors
29 Summary
30 Introduction
31 Gotchas
32 Tips & Tricks
33 Summary
34 Introduction
35 Present
36 Angular vs. Other Frameworks
37 Future
38 Summary