Angular 7: A Practical Guide

Angular 7: A Practical Guide
Angular 7: A Practical Guide
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This practical course on Angular 7 (latest version) will help you become a better web application developer

Do you want to learn Angular 7 in a practical way and want to build real-world apps?
Then, this course is for you!

This course covers the following topics:

  • How to set up your environment
  • How to use basic syntax, types, operators, and loops
  • How to use functions, arrays, tuples, and classes
  • The basics of Angular
  • How to create components
  • How to use encapsulation, interpolation, and event binding
  • How to create and use services
  • How to create HTTP requests
  • And much more…

People who are passionate and want to learn more about AWS using Python and Boto3 will benefit from this course.

This course will emphasize on a step-by-step approach to teach you Angular 7.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the core concepts of Typescript
  • Master underlying concepts and tips and tricks