Angular 2 Demystified

Angular 2 Demystified
Angular 2 Demystified
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Conquer Angular 2 and TypeScript fundamentals – Build Great Mobile and Web Applications With Angular 2

Table of Contents

1 – Getting Started
Installing Node
Installing Visual Studio Code
Setting up VSCode for TypeScript

2 – TypeScript Crash-course
Classes – Adding a Constructor
Classes – The Basics

3 – Angular β
Concepts Overview
Using Angular Project Files
Using the Docs

4 – Components
Basic Component Class
Basic Component Setup
Component Inputs
Component Outputs
Intro to Components
Native DOM Property Binding
Using Local Variables

5 – Directives
Attribute Directive
Host Property

6 – Pipes
Async Pipe
Basic Custom Pipe
Date Pipe
Pipe with Parameters
Slice Pipe
Using Pipe in Controller

7 – Services and Dependency Injection
Simple Service

8 – Http
Using the Get method

9 – Angular ɑ
Cloning the course repository
Composing Messenger with the Compose Component
Creating the Compose Component
Creating the main method
Creating the MessageStore Service
Creating the Messenger Component
Creating the root component
Debugging the Components
Handling Events Example 1
Handling Events Example 2
Organize folders using a component-centric perspective
Using the For directive
Using the Project Files