Angular2 Comprehensive Project for Absolute Beginners

Angular2 Comprehensive Project for Absolute Beginners
Angular2 Comprehensive Project for Absolute Beginners
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Create a real project using Angular 2

Angular2 is released! This is a WATCH, UNDERSTAND and IMPLEMENT course.

Learn and create a comprehensive project with the most popular JavaScript Framework.

Learn one way to build applications with Angular and reuse your code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.

Achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today, and take it further, via Web Workers and server-side rendering.

Throughout the course, students will be creating a fully comprehensive project. Most of the topics coming with Angular2 is used in the project. Just watch,understand and implement.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Installing Prerequisites
2 Installing A Backend API with Deployd
3 Installing NodeJS
4 Installing Visual Studio Code

Getting Things Ready
5 Discovering The Base Folder
6 Installing The Dependencies
7 Running The Project Using NPM

Working With Components For Product Management
8 Creating The IProduct Interface
9 Creating The Product Service
10 Creating The Product Component
11 Creating The Product Component Html
12 Use The Product Component As Directive
13 Show Images With Attribute Binding

Working On Components For Category Management
14 Creating The ICategory Interface
15 Creating The Category Service
16 Creating The Category Component
17 Creating The Category Component Html

Working On Routing
18 Configuring The Routing
19 Configuring The Router Outler
20 Creating The Routing Links

Working On Pipes
21 Filtering Products By Category
22 Setting The Home Page
23 Creating The Filter View
24 Creating The Filter Pipe
25 Using The Filter Pipe In The Code
26 Using Built In Pipes
27 Making Some Beautification

Working On Directives
28 Using The NgIf Directive

Working On Cart
29 Create The Add To Cart Button
30 Create The CartLine Object
31 Create The CartLines Object
32 Create Cart Service With Add Operation
33 Create The Cart Detail Component
34 Create The Cart Detail View
35 Create The Remove Method
36 Create The List Method
37 Create Add To Cart Functionality
38 Configure The Routing Links For App Component
39 Configure Cart Routes
40 Improve The Cart View
41 Create The Remove From Cart Functionality