Android User Interfaces

Android User Interfaces
Android User Interfaces
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Building apps requires a good command of the various user interface elements that bring life and utility to an app. Get started with Layouts, RecyclerView, and Animations in this Android learning path!

Beginning Android Layouts
Conquer the basics of creating Android user interfaces, starting with layouts such as LinearLayout, then switch to using the newer ConstraintLayout.

Those who are new to Android development and looking to build an app from scratch. This courses teaches how to compose interfaces from basic layout types such as FrameLayout, RelativeLayout and LinearLayout.

Once you’ve learned the basic layout types, you’ll take your skills to the next level by learning ConstraintLayout, and ultimately build a complex layout using what is known as flat layout.

Covered concepts

  • LinearLayout
  • FrameLayout
  • RelativeLayout
  • ConstraintLayout
  • Flat Layout
  • XML Editing
  • Dimen values
  • Android measurement units

Beginning RecyclerView
Learn how to create lists in Android using the RecyclerView. Dive into RecyclerView components such as adapters and view holders, and leverage them to produce rich user interfaces as well as provide behavior that your users will expect.

New Android developers who are looking to improve their Android development skills. This course is also suited for advanced developers looking to learn more about the RecyclerView and what can be achieved while using it.

Covered concepts

  • RecyclerViews
  • Adapters
  • View Holders
  • Different Layouts
  • Decoration Drawing
  • Item Animations
  • Section Headers
  • Multiple View Types
  • Rearranging Rows
  • Swipe to Delete
  • Multiple Selection

Beginning ViewPagers
Learn how to use one of the most common Android Widgets, the View Pager. View Pagers are fundamental because they allow you to display different kinds of views using a pattern which is familiar to most users.

Beginner Android developers who are interested in learning how to use ViewPagers properly by creating a fun app that displays a list of celebrities. This course expects you to be familiar with Android Studio and Kotlin programming.

Covered concepts

  • Implement a Swipeable Screen
  • Listen for Page Changes
  • Implement a FragmentStateAdapter
  • RTL Support

Android Animations
You will learn how to add various animations to your apps that will make the app user experience more dynamic, fun, and effective.