Android O & Java – Mobile App Development | Beginning to End

Android O & Java – Mobile App Development | Beginning to End
Android O & Java – Mobile App Development | Beginning to End
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The complete Android course with Android Studio & Java. Go from beginner to professional app developer.

Welcome to the world's best Android app development course. This Android with Java course is based on our in-person app development bootcamp in London. We've perfected the curriculum over 4 years of in-person teaching. So we know all your questions before you even ask them!

Our complete app development courses teaches you how to code using Java and build beautiful Android apps for phones and tablets.

Even if you have ZERO programming experience.

The course includes hours and hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge through making real world apps.

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Java and be ready to make your very own apps or start a freelancing job as an Android developer.

By the end of the course you'll not just be familiar but completely understand:

  • Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP): The type system, variables, functions and methods, inheritance, classes and protocols.
  • Control Structures: Using If/­Else clauses, Switch statements and logic to control the flow of execution.
  • Data Structures: How to work with collections, such as arrays, maps, and ArrayLists.
  • Software Design: How to organise and format code for readability and how to implement the Model ­View­ Controller (MVC) design pattern.
  • Networking: How to make asynchronous API calls, store and retrieve data from the cloud, and use the JSON format for server communication.
Table of Contents

Set up for Android Development
1 How the Course is Structured
2 How to Get All the Free Stuff
4 Developing for Android - Tools for this Course
5 Setup on Mac_ Android Studio_ the JDK & Connecting a Physical Device
6 Setup on Windows_ Android Studio_ the JDK & Connecting a Physical Device
8 Configure Android Studio for Productivity_ Themes_ Auto-Import & SDKs
9 How to Set Up an Android Emulator with Hardware Acceleration
10 Slow PC_ Make it Run Faster with these Performance Tricks [Windows]

Build the _I am Rich_ App to learn about project structure and XML [Tutorial]
11 What Will We Make_
12 Creating a New Android Studio Project and Choosing the API Level
13 Working with the Layout Editor_ Strings_ and App Themes
13 XML-Starter-Code-Snippet.txt
14 Adding Graphics to a Project and using ImageViews
15 What is XML and How Does it Work_
17 Setting a Custom Launcher Icon
18 Running the App to Test it Out!
19 Design the App's Screen in the Layout XML
20 Understand the Android Project Structure
21 The Wonderful World of Version Control_ Installing Git

Coding Challenge #1 - Using the Layout Editor in Android Studio and Github
23 What are the Coding Challenges_
24 What You Will Create
25 Step 1_ Import the Project from GitHub and Open it in Android Studio
29 Step 5_ How to Submit Your Assignment on Github [Optional]
30 I am Poor Challenge Solution

Build a Dice App to Learn Java & XML Fundamentals [Tutorial]
31 What Will We Make_
32 Start a New Project and Style the App with the Theme Editor
33 Generating App Icons and Adding Graphics to a Project
34 Designing a Screen with Nested Layouts
35 Using Variables and Linking Layout Elements to Java Code
36 Use the Logcat and a Listener to Check if a Button is Pressed
37 Create Random Numbers in Java
38 Java Arrays and How to Use Them
40 Debugging Practice_ Compilation and Build Errors
41 Debugging Practice_ The App Has Stopped_ What to do after a Crash_

Coding Challenge #2 - Data Types_ Variables and Arrays
44 What You Will Create
46 Step 1_ Import the Skeleton Project from Github
54 Step 9_ Submit Your Coursework [Optional]
55 Magic 8 Ball Challenge Solution

Java Programming for Beginners
56 Introduction to the Programming Modules
57 Setting up a Pure Java Project in Android Studio
58 Code Blocks_ the main() Method_ and Code Compilation Explained
59 Comments_ Variables and Types
61 Java-Cheat-Sheet
61 Methods Part 1 - Defining and Calling a Method
62 Methods Part 2 - Adding Parameters
63 Methods Part 3 - Multiple Parameters and Returning a Value
64 Control Flow_ Conditional Statements (IF_ELSE)

Build a Music App [Tutorial]
66 What Will We Make_
67 Setting Up the Project & Using Colours as Resources
68 How to Use Android Documentation and Other Resources
69 Calling the Constructor to Create a SoundPool
70 Member Variables and the Importance of Scope
71 Using the onClick Property instead of a Listener
72 How to Play a Sound in Your App using the SoundPool

Build a Quiz App and Learn about the MVC Design Pattern [Tutorial]
74 What Will We Make_
75 Import & Familiarise Yourself with the Skeleton Project
76 Understand Casting & Link the Layout to the Java Code
77 Set an OnClickListener & Implement a Toast Message
78 Create the Model Class & Generate Code with Android Studio
80 The Model View Controller (MVC) Design Pattern and Why We Use It
81 Retrieve Quiz Questions from an Array and Display them on Screen
82 Update Questions on Screen and Interpret Errors in the Logcat
83 Check the User's Answer and Give Feedback
84 Working with the Progress Bar and Tracking Score
85 Fixing the Screen Orientation and Displaying an AlertDialog
86 An Overview of How an Android App Works
87 The Activity Lifecycle
88 Saving State using the Bundle and Null Pointer Exceptions

Coding Challenge #3 - Control Flow - Build a Story App Like Lifeline
91 What You'll Create
101 Destini Challenge Solution

Working with the Constraint Layout & Creating Multiple Layouts
102 activity-main-starting-point.xml
102 Converting to a Constraint Layout & Designing for Multiple Screens
103 Setting Constraints and Using Built-In Styles
104 Linking Views to Each Other
105 Using Guidelines to Position Layout Elements
106 Automatically Inferring Constraints with Android Studio
107 Resource Qualifiers and Layouts for Landscape Mode
108 Internationalisation_ Resource Qualifiers and the Translations Editor
109 Creating a Landscape Layout and Adding Content Descriptions for Accessibility
110 activity-main-landscape-complete.xml

Java Programming for Intermediates
111 Set up a Standard Java Project in Android Studio
112 Virtual Machines & Program Entry Points_ main() vs the Android Intent Filter
113 Classes and Objects Demystified
114 Fields_ the Dot Notation_ and an Object's State
115 Using Getters_Setters & Access Modifiers_ Public v_s_ Private
116 No-Argument Constructors v_s_ Parameterised Constructors
117 Object Behaviour & Using Methods
118 The static Keyword_ Class Variables & Class Methods
119 Inheritance_ the protected Modifier & the @Override Annotation

Build a Weather App - Use GPS and APIs to Get Data from the Web [Tutorial]
121 What Will We Make_
122 Project Setup & Overview
124 Gradle Project & Module Scripts and Android SDK Compatibility
125 Adding External Libraries as Dependencies with Gradle
126 Manage App Permissions in the Android Manifest
127 Runtime Permissions & Using the LocationManager to Get Your Location
128 Networking_ HTTP Requests_ Status Codes & APIs
130 Making the HTTP Request for Weather Data
131 The JSON Format Explained
133 Parse the JSON and Handle Exceptions with a Try-Catch Block
134 Update the UI and Show the Weather to the User
135 Create a New Activity and Link Activity & Layout
136 Using Intents to Navigate Between Activities
137 Intent Extras and EditText onEditorAction() Callbacks
138 API Call with a City Name_ the Logical NOT and Freeing Up Resources

Coding Challenge #4 - REST & APIs - Build a Bitcoin Price Tracker
140 What You Will Create
150 Bitcoin Ticker Challenge Solution

Build a WhatsApp Clone and learn to use Cloud Data Storage [Tutorial]
151 What Will We Make_
152 Project Tour and Overview of Existing Code
153 What is Firebase_
154 Create a New Project on Firebase and Configure the Android App
155 Registering New Users_ Validating Data & the Builder Design Pattern
156 Storing Data Locally (on Device) using SharedPreferences
157 Handling User Login with FirebaseAuth
158 Retrieve the Locally Stored Data
159 Create the Model Class & Save Data to the Cloud
160 ListViews_ Adapters & ArrayLists
161 Implementing the ViewHolder Pattern
162 Retrieve Data from Firebase with a ChildEventListener
163 Styling Views with 9 Patch Images

App Design Course Introduction
165 Introduction to the App Design Course
166 Why is Design Important for an App Entrepreneur_
167 Designer versus Non-Designer Thinking

Colour Theory
168 Understanding the Mood of Your Colour Palette
169 How to Combine Colours and Formulate Colour Palettes
170 Tools for Designing with Colour

172 Introduction to Typography
173 The Serif Font Family - Origins and Use
174 The Sans Serif Font Family - Origins and Use
175 How Typography Determines Readability
176 How to Combine Fonts Like a Pro

The Fundamentals of User Interface (UI) Design for Mobile
178 Introduction to User Interface Design
179 The Tour Guide Approach to UI Design
180 The Importance of Alignment
181 What is Good Practice in Interaction Design_
182 Colour in User Interface Design
183 The Many Ways of Designing Text Overlays
184 How to Be an Attention Architect

The Fundamentals of User Experience (UX) Design for Mobile
186 Introduction to User Experience Design
187 Usability
188 Asking for Permissions
189 User Profiling
190 Form vs_ Function
191 Consistency
192 Simplicity
193 Don't Make Me Think
194 Onboarding
195 Idiot Boxes

Designing for iOS vs_ Android - What are the Important Differences_
197 Android vs_ iOS Design
198 Navigation
199 The Devil is in the Details
200 Differences in Icon Design
201 Flat vs_ Material Design
202 Differences in Establishing Visual Hierarchy
203 iOS and Android Design Guidelines

Putting it All Together - A Step-By-Step Guide to the Mobile Design Workflow
204 Step 1_ Design Patterns and Colour Palettes
205 Step 2_ How to Design User Flow Diagrams
206 Step 3_ How to Create Wireframes
207 Step 4_ How to Create Professional Mockups
208 How to Use Sketch (4_1) to Create Mockups for Mobile
209 How to Use Canva to Create Mockups
210 Your Turn to Create Your Own Mockups
211 Step 5_ How to Create Animated App Prototypes
212 How to Create Animated Prototypes with Keynote
213 How to Create Prototypes with Marvel App
214 Your Turn to Create a Prototype

217 Keep Learning and Improving!

The Complete App Marketing Course
218 The Importance of App Marketing
219 The Fallacy of Build it and They Will Come

Idea Validation - Save Yourself Time and Money
220 The Importance of Idea Validation
221 1_ The Simplest Way of Validating Your Idea - The Starbucks Method
222 2_ Using Google Trends to Estimate the Size of Your Market
223 3_ The Landing Page Validation Method
224 How to Create a Landing Page Website in Less than an Hour
225 4_ Creating a Minimum Viable Product
226 5_ Using Crowd-funding to Validate and Fund Your Idea

App Monetisation Methods - How to Make Money From Your App
227 How to Monetise Your App on iOS vs_ Android
228 When You Should Create a Paid App
229 When to use In-App Advertisements
230 How You Thought About These Alternative Monetisation Models_

How to Optimise Your App Store Listing
231 How to Get an App icon Designed without Breaking the Bank
232 Split Testing for Super Success
233 What Makes a Good App Icon_
234 The Dos and Don'ts of Making App Screenshots
235 Tools for Building Screenshots

Growth Hacking Techniques for App Downloads
236 Your First 1000 Customers
237 Building an Email List
238 The All Important Landing Page
239 Blogging Your Way to Success
240 Content Marketing for App Downloads
241 How to Successfully Launch on Product Hunt
242 How to Launch on Beta List
243 How to Launch on Hacker News
244 If At First You Don't Succeed___
245 Cross Promotion
246 Social Referrals and Social Queuing
247 How to Make Social Media Work for You

How to Get Press Coverage for Your App
248 Do I need a PR Agency
249 Not All Press is Created Equal
250 How to Craft Your Story
251 How to Craft Your Pitch
252 How to Figure Out Which Journalists to Pitch
253 How to Find Anyone's Email Address
254 How to Pitch a Journalist
256 Establishing a Relationship with a Journalist
257 What if You Still Can't Get Anyone to Write About You_
258 Final Tips on Getting Press

How to Get Your App Featured on the App Store
259 How to Get Featured on the App Store_
260 _Only on the App Store_
261 Work with the Corporate Mindset
262 Native vs_ Cross-Platform Apps
263 Tips and Tricks for Getting Featured

App Store Optimisation - How to Rank Higher on the App Store Search Algorithm
264 What is App Store Optimisation (ASO)_
265 Top Tips to Optimise Your App Store Listing
266 My Complete ASO Workflow
267 Using Apple Search Ads as a Research Tool
268 Early vs_ Late Game Strategies
269 Differences Between Google Play and Apple App Store

The Right Way of Using Paid Advertising to Drive App Downloads
270 When to use Paid Advertising or App Marketing
271 Always Test Before You Advertise
272 Which Platform to Advertise On_
273 How Much Does it Cost_
274 How to Setup Your Facebook Ad
275 Use Your Competitors' Ad Budget
276 Where Can I Find More Customers_
277 One Weird Trick to Get More Money from Apple

App Store Reviews and Ratings
278 How to Get More 5 Star Ratings and Reviews
279 Use This Free Tools to Monitor Your App Reviews

How to Use App Analytics to Increase User Retention
280 How to use App Analytics to Increase User Retention

White Hat vs_ Black Hat Methods of Getting More App Downloads and Revenue
281 White Hat Techniques
282 Black Hat Techniques

Bonus_ How to Build Your App Showcase Website
283 A 5 Second Way of Building a Web Page for Your iOS App
284 How to Use Bootstrap to Build Your App Showcase Website

Your Turn
285 App-Marketing-Playsheet