Android Development Tips Weekly

Android Development Tips Weekly
Android Development Tips Weekly
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In this weekly series, David Gassner shares tips and tricks that you can use to code smarter and create fast, reliable apps that look great. David provides tips on a variety of topics—some of which help you enhance your app's user interface, and others which focus on back-end processing. Plus, he covers some open-source libraries that can help you enhance your development workflow. Tune in every Wednesday for a new tip

Table of Contents

New This Week_
1 Profile an apps memory usage

2 Welcome
3 Download exercise projects from GitHub
4 Use the GitHub repo in Android Studio

Android Development Tips Weekly
5 Communicate with Snackbar messages
6 Manage view components with Butter Knife
7 Create a reusable dialog class
8 Convert a layout to ConstraintLayout
9 Manage global data with singletons
10 Convert image files to WEBP format
11 Create an Espresso user interface test
12 Create classes for Android with Kotlin
13 Run background tasks in intent services
14 Send broadcast messages with EventBus
15 Handle events with Java 8 syntax
16 Improve forms with design layouts
17 Display draggable rows in a list of data
18 Manage persistent data with Realm
19 Play an audio file from assets
20 Send an SMS message from an app
21 Get a list of audio files on a device
22 Play sounds with SoundPool
23 Display the build date of an APK file
24 Build Kotlin classes with properties
25 Manage versioning with Gradle variables
26 Use reporting tools from the Google Play Console
27 Make web service calls with Retrofit
28 Make asynchronous calls with Retrofit
29 Send request parameters with Retrofit
30 Upgrade a project to Android Studio 3.0
31 Clean up calls to findViewById
32 Create adaptive launcher icons
33 Use XML and downloadable fonts
34 Explore a devices file system