Android Development Essential Training: Create Your First App

Android Development Essential Training: Create Your First App
Android Development Essential Training: Create Your First App
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Explore the world of Android app development. The Android Development Essential Training series walks beginners through the process of developing, designing, managing, and distributing Android apps. In this course—the first installment in the series—David Gassner steps through how to create your very first Android app using a mixture of programming languages, including XML and Kotlin. Learn how to configure Android Studio, the Android SDK, and emulator software, and explore the different files in a typical Android app, including build scripts and the app manifest file. Finally, learn how an app is built from the bottom up, with screens, activities, and layouts. Check out later courses in the series to continue building your app development skills.

Topics include:

  • Installing Android Studio
  • Creating your first Android Studio project
  • Managing configuration files, including Gradle scripts
  • Defining screens with activities
  • Implementing designs in XML layouts
Table of Contents

1 Build a simple native Android app
2 What you should know

Android Development Fundamentals
3 Explore the history of Android
4 Explore the Android app framework
5 Program for Android with Java and Kotlin
6 Install Android Studio on Mac
7 Install Android Studio on Windows
8 Manage Android Studio updates
9 Manage components in the SDK Manager
10 Install HAXM software for the emulator

Getting Started
11 Create your first Android app
12 Upgrade the Kotlin plugin
13 Explore Android Studio
14 Create virtual devices for testing
15 Install device drivers on Windows
16 Set up debugging on a physical device
17 Use Android command-line tools
18 Find answers in the documentation

Explore Android Projects
19 Check out the exercise files on GitHub
20 Explore the project structure
21 Manage Gradle build scripts
22 Manage the app manifest file
23 Use dependencies and support libraries
24 Explore Android Jetpack components
25 Troubleshoot Android Studio projects

Android App Architecture
26 Define screens with activities
27 Implement designs in XML layouts
28 Use the View and ViewGroup components
29 Display an image in an activity
30 Convert PNG and SVG image files
31 Start new activities with intents
32 Send an action to a new activity
33 Send data URIs and extras with intents
34 Handle shared data with an intent filter

35 Next steps