Analyzing Network Protocols with Wireshark

Analyzing Network Protocols with Wireshark
Analyzing Network Protocols with Wireshark
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This hands-on course will teach you how to quickly understand and analyze core network protocols. Get out your copy of Wireshark, because you’ll go deep into the critical underlying packets that support your business applications.

There are billions of packets flying through the network every minute. Which ones matter? Which ones hold the keys to troubleshooting network and application problems? In this course, Analyzing Network Protocols with Wireshark, you’ll gain the ability to capture, interpret, and dissect network problems at the packet level. First, you’ll explore core protocols and services, such as ARP, IPv4, and DHCP. Next, you’ll discover how the UDP and DNS protocols work. Finally, you’ll learn to analyze HTTPs and TLS based application traffic. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of packet analysis with Wireshark needed to isolate and resolve network problems.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Why Are Core Network Protocols so Important to Understand
2 Why Are Core Network Protocols so Important to Understand
3 Focus Quickly on What Matters
4 What Do We Mean by Core Protocols
5 Demo Configuring the Wireshark Display
6 Demo Creating Filter Buttons and Coloring Rules

Using Wireshark to Analyze ARP
7 ARP Why Is It Needed
8 ARP How Does It Work
9 Using ARP to Troubleshoot
10 Demo Understanding the ARP Protocol
11 Demo Creating Filters for ARP

Using Wireshark to Analyze IPv4, IPv6 , and ICMP
12 Let’s Talk IPv4
13 Demo Understanding IP TTL
14 Demo Understanding IP Fragmentation
15 Analyzing ICMP Messages
16 Demo Analyzing ICMP Messages
17 Analyzing IPv6
18 Demo Analyzing IPv6 Headers

Using Wireshark to Analyze Core Services – UDP, DHCP, and DNS
19 Understanding the User Datagram Protocol
20 Demo Analyzing UDP with Wireshark
21 Understanding the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
22 Demo Analyzing DHCP with Wireshark
23 Demo Troubleshooting DHCP with Wireshark
24 Understanding Domain Name System (DNS)
25 Demo Analyzing DNS with Wireshark

Using Wireshark to Analyze Core Applications – FTP, HTTPs, and SSL
26 Understanding the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
27 Demo Analyzing FTP
28 Understanding HTTPs and TLS
29 Demo Analyzing HTTP over TLS