Amazon Web Services: Automation and Optimization

Amazon Web Services: Automation and Optimization
Amazon Web Services: Automation and Optimization
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Enhance system productivity, improve performance, and reduce costs by learning how to automate and optimize processes using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This course covers different strategies for optimizing and automating processes and for auto-scaling. SysOps admins can learn how to build highly available solutions while efficiently utilizing resources. Shyamrah Selvaraju provides guidance around how to control costs and successfully manage cloud operations. This course covers content that is included in the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator exam and can be used in preparation for that exam.

Topics include:

  • Automation and optimization in AWS
  • On-Demand, Spot, and Reserved Instances
  • AWS Auto Scaling
  • Performing manual and scheduled scaling
  • Simple and step scaling policies
  • Creating and invoking a Lambda function
  • Instance Scheduler
  • Cost allocation tags
  • Trusted Advisor recommendations
  • Simple Monthly Calculator
  • Cost Explorer
  • Creating an organization and policy
Table of Contents

1 Automation and optimization in AWS
2 What you should know

Optimize Your EC2 Costs
3 On-Demand EC2 instances
4 EC2 Spot Instances
5 Request Spot Instances Part 1
6 Request Spot Instances Part 2
7 Spot Instance interruptions
8 EC2 Reserved Instances
9 Launch Reserved Instances

Auto Scaling
10 Auto Scaling
11 Set up a launch configuration launch template
12 Create an Auto Scaling group
13 Verify the Auto Scaling group
14 Manual scaling
15 Scheduled scaling
16 Target tracking
17 Simple scaling
18 Step scaling

AWS Lambda
19 Lambda
20 Create a Lambda function
21 Invoke Lambda functions

AWS Instance Scheduler
22 AWS Instance Scheduler
23 Components of the Instance Scheduler
24 Deploy an Instance Scheduler
25 Instance Scheduler tags

Cost Allocation Tags
26 Cost allocation tags
27 AWS-generated cost allocation tags
28 User-defined cost allocation tags
29 Monthly cost allocation report

Trusted Advisor
30 Trusted Advisor
31 Trusted Advisor recommendations

AWS Cost Calculator and Explorer
32 AWS Simple Monthly Calculator
33 AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Organizations
34 AWS Organizations
35 Create an AWS Organization
36 Create an AWS Organization policy

37 Next steps