Algorithms and Interviews: Job Interviewing for Programmers

Algorithms and Interviews: Job Interviewing for Programmers

English | 2021 | ASIN: B0938D198G | 238 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Learn how to prepare for technical programming interviews. This book focuses on job interviews for software engineers, both from the traditional interview perspective as well as the technical programming side. While useful review for Computer Science graduates, it is also helpful for self-taught programmers, bootcamp graduates, and anyone interested in job hunting and interview techniques as well as computer algorithm implementation.

Interview related topics include:
*Interview preparation
*Interview process
*Common interview questions (both traditional and technical)
*Resume preparation

Programming topics include:
*Data structures
*Problem solving paradigms
*Problem modeling
*Big-O calculations
*Complexity analysis
*Object Oriented Programming review

Algorithm topics include:
*Divide and conquer
*Algorithm Analysis
*Linear data structures
*Linked lists
*Stacks vs. queues
*Hash tables
*Graphs and trees
*Priority queues
*Linear searching
*Advanced graph algorithms
*Dynamic programming
*Greedy algorithms
*Sorting and selection algorithms
*Two’s complement
*Bit manipulation

Math topics include:
*Number theory
*Linear algebra