Agile Software Development: Extreme Programming

Agile Software Development: Extreme Programming
Agile Software Development: Extreme Programming
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Agility is a necessity in modern software development. Extreme programming (XP) helps teams achieve agility, with higher quality, fewer bugs, and greater flexibility. XP uses ideas from other project management methodologies and takes them to an “extreme” level in order to achieve maximum impact. This course introduces the basic tenets of XP, for software developers, team leads, agile coaches, and others who want to start integrating XP at their organizations. Learn about the history, values, and mindset of XP, and dive into specifics such as user stories, release and iteration planning, test-driven development, pair programming, refactoring, and continuous integration. Each lesson helps you understand the core concepts of XP, so you can start building it into the foundation of your development cycle.

Topics include:

  • Extreme programming overview
  • Feedback loops
  • Iteration planning
  • Pair programming
  • Continuous process
  • Maintaining a sustainable pace
  • Collective code ownership
Table of Contents

1 Be more productive, with higher quality

Extreme Programming (XP)
2 History of extreme programming (XP)
3 Extreme programming (XP) overview
4 Extreme programming (XP) themes
5 Extreme programming (XP) values

Feedback Loops
6 Feedback scales
7 User stories
8 Quarterly planning
9 Iteration planning
10 Standup meetings
11 Test-driven development
12 Pair programming

Continuous Process
13 If it’s good, do it all the time
14 Design improvement Refactoring
15 Continuous integration
16 Small releases

The Extreme Programming (XP) Mindset
17 Programmer welfare and sustainable pace
18 Code standards and collective code ownership
19 System metaphor and simple design

20 Next steps