Agile Series: Scrum Master Toolkit

Agile Series: Scrum Master Toolkit
Agile Series: Scrum Master Toolkit
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This Scrum Master Toolkit video will provide you with the required mindset, knowledge, and techniques to kickstart a fulfilling journey as a Scrum Master. You will work your Scrum ceremonies more effectively, utilize Scrum artifacts to diagnose your team’s progress, and establish great working relationships with people. This video contains six clips:

  • Scrum Master role. This first clip describes the Scrum Master’s role in software development, including Telling, Selling, Participating, and Delegating. We discuss the characteristics of an enabling Scrum Master and also a technique that can help you tailor-fit your coaching style to your teams. All these aim to help you put into perspective what it takes for you to transform into an effective Scrum Master.
  • Scrum ceremonies. This second clip deep dives into Scrum ceremonies and what Scrum Masters need to focus on during these events. We will also uncover common problems encountered during these ceremonies and how best to address them. This section will help you be more aware of what’s happening during your scrum meetings and be able to make it more productive for your teams.
  • Scrum artifacts. This third clip explores the Scrum artifacts and how you can use them to signal progress of your teams. A highlight of this section is a closer discussion on burndown charts and how to interpret them, which will make you a more analytical Scrum Master. The techniques and tips discussed in this session will help you utilize the tools you have in guiding your teams towards continuous improvement.
  • The human element. This fourth clip covers how to forge strong bonds with your Product Owner, Development Team, project stakeholders and the organization as a whole. You will learn how to best coach these entities and establish yourself as a Scrum champion.
  • Becoming a Scrum Master. This fifth clip covers how to transition to a Scrum Master role. Here you will learn why Scrum Masters fail and how to avoid it. You will also be given tips on how to transition smoothly into your role.
  • Scrum Master checklist. This sixth clip introduces you to the Scrum Master Checklist. Make this your own and use it to assess your and your team’s Scrum adoption. Learn the three areas you’ll need to regularly assess and what questions you need to answer.
Table of Contents

1 Scrum Master Role
2 Scrum Ceremonies
3 Scrum Artifacts
4 The Human Element
5 Becoming a Scrum Master
6 Scrum Master Checklist