Advanced SQL: Solving Interpolation Challenges

Advanced SQL: Solving Interpolation Challenges

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Interpolation challenges are quite common, especially for time series and sequence analyses. In this course, data educator Ami Levin offers several techniques to solve these types of challenges seamlessly and efficiently. Ami explains what interpolation is and shows you how interpolation challenges and solutions work, using the database for Formula 1 race car telemetry. He goes over streamlining your solution with auxiliary data and explores the solution methodology for SQL challenges in general. Ami dives into definitions and challenges for proximal interpolations and linear interpolations, then concludes with a review of what you’ve learned.

Table of Contents

1 Course introduction
2 Agenda
3 Setting expectations

1. What Is Interpolation
4 Curve fitting
5 Interpolations
6 The Formula 1 demo database

2. Methodology
7 Auxiliary data
8 Solution methodology

3. Proximal Interpolations
9 Definition
10 Proximal interpolation
11 Challenge Multiple sensors
12 Solution Multiple sensors

4. Linear Interpolations
13 Definition
14 Linear interpolation
15 Challenge Linear interpolation
16 Solution Linear interpolation

17 Course review and conclusion