Advanced Python Programming

Advanced Python Programming
Advanced Python Programming
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Learn advanced Python programming techniques and methods

Python, a wonderfully simple programming language that has encouraged many programmers to pursue careers involving Python over any other language. Of course, it goes without saying that Python is an excellent language, but do you know what is required of you in a programming career?

There are many skills in programming that are required in any form of the field, but what I plan to to teach you in this course is exactly what you will find on many job requirements as well as many advanced methods that will no doubt help you in the future.

In short, you will learn:

  • Learn many advanced Python methods and variables
  • Learn Data Collection
  • Learn how to scan, process and store data
  • Learn how to create your own methods and functions
  • Take a huge step towards OOP, Object Orientated Programming
  • and BONUS tips and methods!
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Course Requirements
3 Programming Support
4 Workbook

Advanced Python Programming
5 Lists Introduction
6 Dictionaries Practical
7 Tuples Introduction
8 Tuples Practical
9 Sets Introduction
10 Sets Practical
11 Methods and Functions Introduction
12 Functions Practical
13 Advanced Functions Practice
14 Project Discussion
15 Project Answer
16 Lists Practical
17 Conclusion
18 Strings Introduction
19 Strings Practical
20 Slicing and Indexing Introduction
21 Slicing and Indexing Practical
22 Formatting Introduction
23 Formatting Practical
24 Dictionaries Introduction