Advanced Python: Build Hands-On Projects with Design Patterns

Advanced Python: Build Hands-On Projects with Design Patterns

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Looking to get up to speed with design patterns in Python? This course was made for you. Join instructor Jungwoo Ryoo in this hands-on, interactive, skills-first coding course designed uniquely for advanced-level Python developers. Discover strategic Python coding skills to boost your technical know-how, prepare for an interview, or land a new role. This course includes Code Challenges powered by CoderPad: interactive coding exercises with real-time feedback, so you can get hands-on coding practice to advance your coding skills as you go. Along the way, Jungwoo helps you develop your skills as a Python programmer with four specific, design-focused coding challenges to enhance your programming efficiency, consistency, completeness, and correctness by implementing patterns. Practice building complex objects with the Builder pattern, building a wrapper with the Adapter pattern, building a transaction with the Command pattern, and improving security with the intercepting validator.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to design pattern projects
2 What you should know
3 CoderPad tour

Using Design Patterns
4 Design pattern recap
5 Inheritance and polymorphism
6 Creational patterns
7 Structural patterns
8 Behavioral patterns
9 Beyond design patterns

Building Complex Objects with the Builder Pattern
10 Builder pattern
11 Builder pattern example
12 Solution Building an account object

Building a Wrapper with the Adapter Pattern
13 Adapter pattern
14 Adapter pattern example
15 Solution Working with a legacy system

Building a Transaction with the Command Pattern
16 Command pattern
17 Command pattern example
18 Solution Handling transactions gracefully

Improving Security with the Intercepting Validator
19 Intercepting Validator pattern
20 Implementng the Intercepting Validator
21 Solution Access control

22 Next steps