Advanced Projects in Electron 4, React, and Redux

Advanced Projects in Electron 4, React, and Redux
Advanced Projects in Electron 4, React, and Redux
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Use Electron.js to build advanced and powerful cross platform desktop applications with the latest web technologies

Electron has gained immense popularity over the years as being a reliable tool for modern desktop applications. The new 4.0 release brings some great features to the table, allowing developers to build more powerful cross platform apps.

If you’re a developer who has used the Electron framework to build a desktop app, this course will take you from where you currently are, on to being capable of applying the framework to build a series of robust applications. You’ll learn how to skillfully chalk out great designs for your apps, that ensure practicality, reliability as well as usability for their users. Building 3 apps of increasing complexity throughout the course, you’ll gain a strong knowledge of the ins and outs of Electron to be able to optimize, debug and make your apps highly responsive.

By the end of the course, you will be capable of building powerful desktop apps with GUIs that wow your clients.

This course is a learn-by-doing one. No super boring Powerpoint slides full of theory, only hands-on examples and live coding. In this course we’ll build 3 different apps with increasing complexity. By the end of the course we’ll have covered everything you need to know to create your own ready-to-sell desktop app.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop robust desktop applications using web development technologies
  • Build applications that work well on both Windows and macOS from a single codebase
  • Integrate powerful frontend technologies like React and Redux into your Electron.js apps
  • Release your apps for Windows and macOS
  • Build a lucrative ready-to-sell desktop app, because there is so little competition in the marketplace