Advanced Laravel

Advanced Laravel
Advanced Laravel
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Laravel is one of today’s most popular PHP frameworks for building elegant applications. In this course, learn how to get the most out of Laravel when working with controllers, routes, views, and the Eloquent ORM. Instructor Justin Yost steps through how to build a new Laravel application, exploring a variety of features along the way that you can leverage to work smarter with the framework. Get advanced tips for iterating a collection, working with the Blade templating engine, building middleware, and more.

Topics include:

  • Building route macros and route groups
  • Validation testing
  • Service injection
  • Building a custom user guard
  • Building Eloquent event handlers
  • Iterating, filtering, and mapping collections
  • Building global middleware
Table of Contents

1 Build better Laravel applications
2 What you should know before watching this course

3 Install Homestead
4 Custom namespaces
5 Route macros
6 Route groups
7 Named routes
8 Signed routes
9 Default route values

10 Request validation
11 Validation testing
12 Request authorization
13 Exception rendering
14 Beyond a resource controller
15 Service injection

Authentication and Authorization
16 Custom user guards
17 Custom user gating
18 Before user gating
19 Null user gating

20 Global scoping
21 Eloquent events
22 Eloquent observers
23 Custom accessors
24 Custom mutators
25 Advanced wheres

26 Iteration
27 Filtering
28 Mapping
29 Reducing
30 Transforming
31 Diffing
32 Higher-order methods

33 Custom Blade directives
34 View composers
35 View creators

36 Global middleware
37 Route middleware
38 Terminable middleware

39 Next steps