Advanced iOS Development: Keychain Access

Advanced iOS Development: Keychain Access
Advanced iOS Development: Keychain Access
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Want to give your iOS app the ability to store local, encrypted data like IDs, passwords, or credits card numbers? In this course, instructor Bear Cahill shows you how. Bear demonstrates how to leverage the iOS keychain, which allows you to give your apps a mechanism to store bits of user data in an encrypted database. Using practical examples, he explains how to store keychain values, as well as how to retrieve, update, delete, and share data from the keychain. He wraps up with a series of code-based challenges and solutions that help you put these new concepts into practice. After completing this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to write code to use the keychain in your own iOS apps.

Topics include:

  • Creating keychain queries
  • Storing generic passwords
  • Retrieving data from the keychain
  • Handling search results
  • Updating and deleting keychain values
  • Working with keychain access groups
Table of Contents

1 Using keychain encryption in iOS app
2 What you should know
3 User experience considerations
4 Secure enclave
5 Attribute keys and values
6 Xcode project configuration
7 iOS code overview
8 Keychain query creation
9 Storing a generic password
10 Review keychain database
11 Challenge Store an internet password
12 Solution How to store an internet password
13 Keychain search concepts
14 Keychain search query
15 Searching in keychain
16 Handling search results
17 Challenge Fetch only data
18 Solution How to fetch only data
19 Update keychain preparation
20 Updating values in the keychain
21 Challenge Delete from keychain
22 Solution How to delete from keychain
23 Keychain access groups
24 Sharing keychain data
25 App group data sharing
26 Sharing data in app group
27 Overview of challenges
28 Challenge Add user authentication
29 Solution Add user authentication
30 Challenge Add notes to keychain
31 Solution Add notes to keychain
32 Challenge Reading keychain items
33 Solution Read keychain items
34 Challenge Update and delete keychain items
35 Solution Update and delete keychain items
36 Next steps