100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021

100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021

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Master Python by building 100 projects in 100 days. Learn to build websites, games, apps, plus scraping and data science

Welcome to the 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp, the only course you need to learn to code with Python. With over 100,000 reviews and a 4.8 average, my courses are some of the HIGHEST RATED courses in the history of Udemy!

100 days, 1 hour per day, learn to build 1 project per day, this is how you master Python.

At 56+ hours, this Python course is without a doubt the most comprehensive Python course available anywhere online. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to professional.
Here’s why:

  • The course is a taught by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, London’s best in-person programming bootcamp.
  • The course has been updated to be 2021 ready and you’ll be learning the latest tools and technologies used at large companies such as Apple, Google and Netflix.
  • This course doesn’t cut any corners, there are beautiful animated explanation videos and tens of real-world projects which you will get to build. e.g. Tinder auto swiper, Snake game, Blog Website, LinkedIn Auto Submit Job Application
  • The curriculum was developed over a period of 2 years, with comprehensive student testing and feedback.
  • We’ve taught over 600,000 students how to code and many have gone on to change their lives by becoming professional developers or start their own tech startup.
  • You’ll save yourself over $12,000 by enrolling, and still get access to the same teaching materials and learn from the same instructor and curriculum as our in-person programming bootcamp.
  • The course is constantly updated with new content, with new projects and modules determined by students – that’s you!

We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a Python developer.

The course includes over 56 hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real-world Python projects.

Throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a massive amount of tools and technologies, including:

  • Python 3 – the latest version of Python
  • PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Google Colab
  • Python Scripting and Automation
  • Python Game Development
  • Web Scraping
  • Beautiful Soup
  • Selenium Web Driver
  • Request
  • WTForms
  • Data Science
  • Pandas
  • NumPy
  • Matplotlib
  • Plotly
  • Scikit learn
  • Seaborn
  • Turtle
  • Python GUI Desktop App Development
  • Tkinter
  • Front-End Web Development
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bash Command Line
  • Git, GitHub and Version Control
  • Backend Web Development
  • Flask
  • REST
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Authentication
  • Web Design
  • Deployment with GitHub Pages, Heroku and GUnicorn
  • and much much more!

By the end of this course, you will be fluently programming in Python and you’ll be so good at Python at that you can get a job or use the language professionally.

You’ll also build a portfolio of 100 projects that you can show off to any potential employer.

  • Blackjack
  • Snake Game
  • Pong Game
  • Auto Swipe on Tinder
  • Auto Job Applications on LinkedIn
  • Automate Birthday Emails/SMS
  • Fully Fledged Blog Website
  • Build Your Own Public API
  • Data Science with Google Trends
  • Analysing Lego Datasets
  • Google App Store Analysis
  • and much much more!

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to program in Python professionally
  • Master the Python programming language by building 100 projects over 100 days
  • Create a portfolio of 100 Python projects to apply for developer jobs
  • Be able to build fully fledged websites and web apps with Python
  • Be able to use Python for data science and machine learning
  • Build games like Blackjack, Pong and Snake using Python
  • Build GUIs and Desktop applications with Python
  • Learn to use modern frameworks like Selenium, Beautiful Soup, Request, Flask, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit Learn, Plotly, Matplotlib, Seaborn,

+ Table of Contents

Day 1 – Beginner – Working with Variables in Python to Manage Data
1 What youre going to get from this course
3 Downloadable Resources and Tips for Taking the Course
4 Day 1 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
5 Printing to the Console in Python
6 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Printing
7 String Manipulation and Code Intelligence
8 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging Practice
9 The Python Input Function
10 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Input Function
11 Python Variables
12 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Variables
13 Variable Naming
14 Day 1 Project Band Name Generator
15 Congratulations Well done

Day 2 – Beginner – Understanding Data Types and How to Manipulate Strings
16 Day 2 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
17 Python Primitive Data Types
18 Type Error Type Checking and Type Conversion
19 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Data Types
20 Mathematical Operations in Python
21 [Interactive Coding Exercise] BMI Calculator
22 Number Manipulation and F Strings in Python
23 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Life in Weeks
24 Day 2 Project Tip Calculator
25 You are already in the top 50

Day 3 – Beginner – Control Flow and Logical Operators
26 Day 3 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
27 Control Flow with if else and Conditional Operators
28 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Odd or Even Introducing the Modulo
29 Nested if statements and elif statements
30 [Interactive Coding Exercise] BMI 2.0
31 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Leap Year
32 Multiple If Statements in Succession
33 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Pizza Order Practice
34 Logical Operators
35 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Love Calculator
36 Day 3 Project Treasure Island
37 Share and Show off your Project

Day 4 – Beginner – Randomisation and Python Lists
38 Day 4 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
39 Random Module
40 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Random Exercise
41 Understanding the Offset and Appending Items to Lists
42 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Banker Roulette – Who will pay the bill
43 IndexErrors and Working with Nested Lists
44 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Treasure Map
45 Day 4 Project Rock Paper Scissors
46 Programming is like going to the Gym

Day 5 – Beginner – Python Loops
47 Day 5 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
48 Using the for loop with Python Lists
49 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Average Height
50 [Interactive Coding Exercise] High Score
51 for loops and the range() function
52 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Adding Even Numbers
53 [Interactive Coding Exercise] The FizzBuzz Job Interview Question
54 Day 5 Project Create a Password Generator
55 Hard Work and Perseverance beats Raw Talent Every Time

Day 6 – Beginner – Python Functions Karel
56 Day 6 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
57 Defining and Calling Python Functions
58 The Hurdles Loop Challenge
59 Indentation in Python
60 While Loops
61 Hurdles Challenge using While Loops
62 Jumping over Hurdles with Variable Heights
63 Final Project Escaping the Maze
64 Why is this so Hard Can I really do this

Day 7 – Beginner – Hangman
65 Day 7 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
66 How to break a Complex Problem down into a Flow Chart
67 Challenge 1 – Picking a Random Words and Checking Answers
68 Challenge 1 Solution – How to Check the Users Answer
69 Challenge 2 – Replacing Blanks with Guesses
70 Challenge 2 Solution – How to Replace the Blanks
71 Challenge 3 – Checking if the Player has Won
72 Challenge 3 Solution – How to Check if the Player Won
73 Challenge 4 – Keeping Track of the Players Lives
74 Challenge 4 Solution – How to Keep Track of the Players Lives
75 Challenge 5 – Improving the User Experience
76 Challenge 5 Solution – How to Add ASCII Art and Improve the UI
77 The Benefits of Daily Practice

Day 8 – Beginner – Function Parameters Caesar Cipher
78 Day 8 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
79 Functions with Inputs
80 Positional vs. Keyword Arguments
81 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Paint Area Calculator
82 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Prime Number Checker
83 Caesar Cipher Part 1 – Encryption
84 Caesar Cipher Part 2 – Decryption
85 Caesar Cipher Part 3 – Reorganising our Code
86 Caesar Cipher Part 4 – User Experience Improvements Final Touches
87 How You Can Stay Motivated

Day 9 – Beginner – Dictionaries Nesting and the Secret Auction
88 Day 9 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
89 The Python Dictionary Deep Dive
90 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Grading Program
91 Nesting Lists and Dictionaries
92 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Dictionary in List
93 The Secret Auction Program Instructions and Flow Chart
94 Solution and Complete Code for the Secret Auction Program
95 Motivation and the Accountability Trick

Day 10 – Beginner – Functions with Outputs
96 Day 10 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
97 Functions with Outputs
98 Multiple return values
99 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Days in Month
100 Docstrings
101 Calculator Part 1 Combining Dictionaries and Functions
102 Print vs. Return
103 While Loops Flags and Recursion
104 Calculator Finishing Touches and Bug Fixes
105 How to Get a Good Nights Sleep

Day 11 – Beginner – The Blackjack Capstone Project
106 Day 11 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
107 Blackjack Program Requirements and Game Rules
108 Hint 4 5 Solution Walkthrough
109 Hint 6-8 Solution Walkthrough
110 Hint 9 Solution Walkthrough Refactoring and calling calculate score()
111 Hint 10-12 Solution Walkthrough
112 Hint 13 Solution Walkthrough
113 A Solid Foundation goes a Long Way

Day 12 – Beginner – Scope Number Guessing Game
114 Namespaces Local vs. Global Scope
115 Does Python Have Block Scope
116 How to Modify a Global Variable
117 Python Constants and Global Scope
118 Introducing the Final Project The Number Guessing Game
119 Solution Walkthrough to the Number Guessing Game
120 Dont be too hard on yourself

Day 13 – Beginner – Debugging How to Find and Fix Errors in your Code
121 Describe the Problem
122 Reproduce the Bug
123 Play Computer and Evaluate Each Line
124 Fixing Errors and Watching for Red Underlines
125 Squash bugs with a print() Statement
126 Bringing out the BIG Gun Using a Debugger
127 Final Debugging Tips
128 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging Odd or Even
129 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging Leap Year
130 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging FizzBuzz
131 Building Confidence

Day 14 – Beginner – Higher Lower Game Project
132 Introduction Program Requirements for the Higher Lower Game
133 Solution Walkthrough of the Higher Lower Game
134 Study Tip Set Reminders in Your Calendar to Review

Day 15 – Intermediate – Local Development Environment Setup the Coffee Machine
135 Installing Python Locally on Your Computer
136 Download PyCharm for Windows or Mac
137 PyCharms Charming Features (while you wait for the download to finish)
138 How to Install PyCharm on Windows
139 Installing PyCharm on Mac
140 Introduction Requirements for the Coffee Machine Project
141 Solution Walkthrough for the Coffee Machine Code
142 Location Location Location – Pavlovs Coding Corner

Day 16 – Intermediate – Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
143 Why do we need OOP and how does it work
144 How to use OOP Classes and Objects
145 Constructing Objects and Accessing their Attributes and Methods
146 How to Add Python Packages and use PyPi
147 Practice Modifying Object Attributes and Calling Methods
148 Building the Coffee Machine in OOP
149 Walkthrough and Solution for the OOP Coffee Machine
150 Dont forget to review occasionally

Day 17 – Intermediate – The Quiz Project the Benefits of OOP
151 Day 17 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
152 How to create your own Class in Python
153 Working with Attributes Class Constructors and the init () Function
154 Adding Methods to a Class
155 Quiz Project Part 1 Creating the Question Class
156 Quiz Project Part 2 Creating the List of Question Objects from the Data
157 Quiz Project Part 3 The QuizBrain and the next question() Method
158 Quiz Project Part 4 How to continue showing new Questions
159 Quiz Project Part 5 Checking Answers and Keeping Score
160 The Benefits of OOP Use Open Trivia DB to Get New Questions
161 Run for that Bus

Day 18 – Intermediate – Turtle the Graphical User Interface (GUI)
162 Day 18 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
163 Understanding Turtle Graphics and How to use the Documentation
164 Turtle Challenge 1 – Draw a Square
165 Importing Modules Installing Packages and Working with Aliases
166 Turtle Challenge 2 – Draw a Dashed Line
167 Turtle Challenge 3 – Drawing Different Shapes
168 Turtle Challenge 4 – Generate a Random Walk
169 Python Tuples and How to Generate Random RGB Colours
170 Turtle Challenge 5 – Draw a Spirograph
171 The Hirst Painting Project Part 1 – How to Extract RGB Values from Images
172 The Hirst Painting Project Part 2 – Drawing the Dots
173 Space out your study sessions and stay consistent

Day 19 – Intermediate – Instances State and Higher Order Functions
174 Day 19 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
175 Python Higher Order Functions Event Listeners
176 Challenge Make an Etch-A-Sketch App
177 Object State and Instances
178 Understanding the Turtle Coordinate System
179 Aaaand were off to the races
180 Expand on the Solutions

Day 20 – Intermediate – Build the Snake Game Part 1 Animation Coordinates
181 Day 20 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
182 Screen Setup and Creating a Snake Body
183 Animating the Snake Segments on Screen
184 Create a Snake Class Move to OOP
185 How to Control the Snake with a Keypress
186 Programming is not Memorising

Day 21 – Intermediate – Build the Snake Game Part 2 Inheritance List Slicing
187 Day 21 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
188 Class Inheritance
189 Detect Collisions with Food
190 Create a Scoreboard and Keep Score
191 Detect Collisions with the Wall
192 Detect Collisions with your own Tail
193 How to Slice Lists Tuples in Python
194 Stay motivated by remembering the reason you signed up

Day 22 – Intermediate – Build Pong The Famous Arcade Game
195 Day 22 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
196 Set up the Main Screen
197 Create a Paddle that responds to Key Presses
198 Write the Paddle Class and Create the Second Paddle
199 Write the Ball Class and Make the Ball Move
200 Add the Ball Bouncing Logic
201 How to Detect Collisions with the Paddle
202 How to Detect when the Ball goes Out of Bounds
203 Score Keeping and Changing the Ball Speed
204 Picturing fears even the worst-case scenario is not so scary

Day 23 – Intermediate – The Turtle Crossing Capstone Project
205 Day 23 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
206 Choose Your Difficulty
207 How to use the Starter Code
208 Step 1 – Check out how the game play works
209 Step 2 – Break down the Problem
210 Solution to Step 3 – Create the Player Behaviour
211 Solution to Step 4 – Create the Car Behaviour
212 Solution to Step 5 – Detect when the Turtle collides with a Car squish
213 Solution to Step 6 – Detect when the Player has reached the other side
214 Solution to Step 7 – Add the Scoreboard and Game Over sequence
215 This course is not about typing out code

Day 24 – Intermediate – Files Directories and Paths
216 Day 24 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
217 Add a High Score to the Snake Game
218 How to Open Read and Write to Files using the with Keyword
219 Challenge Read and Write the High Score to a File in Snake
220 Understand Relative and Absolute File Paths
221 Introducing the Mail Merge Challenge
222 Solution Walkthrough for the Mail Merge Project
223 Whats the correct solution Whats the best answer Whats the right way

Day 25 – Intermediate – Working with CSV Data and the Pandas Library
224 Day 25 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
225 Reading CSV Data in Python
226 DataFrames Series Working with Rows Columns
227 The Great Squirrel Census Data Analysis (with Pandas)
228 U.S. States Game Part 1 Setup
229 U.S. States Game Part 2 Challenge with .csv
230 U.S. States Game Part 3 Saving Data to .csv

Day 26 – Intermediate – List Comprehension and the NATO Alphabet
231 Day 26 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
232 How to Create Lists using List Comprehension
233 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Squaring Numbers
234 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Filtering Even Numbers
235 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Data Overlap
236 Apply List Comprehension to the U.S. States Game
237 How to use Dictionary Comprehension
238 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Dictionary Comprehension 1
239 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Dictionary Comprehension 2
240 How to Iterate over a Pandas DataFrame
241 Introducing the NATO Alphabet Project
242 Solution Walkthrough for the NATO Alphabet Project

Day 27 – Intermediate – Tkinter args kwargs and Creating GUI Programs
243 Day 27 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
244 History of GUI and Introduction to Tkinter
245 Creating Windows and Labels with Tkinter
246 Setting Default Values for Optional Arguments inside a Function Header
247 args Many Positional Arguments
248 kwargs Many Keyword Arguments
249 Buttons Entry and Setting Component Options
250 Other Tkinter Widgets Radiobuttons Scales Checkbuttons and more
251 Tkinter Layout Managers pack() place() and grid()
252 Mile to Kilometers Converter Project

Day 28 – Intermediate – Tkinter Dynamic Typing and the Pomodoro GUI Application
253 Day 28 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
254 How to work with the Canvas Widget and Add Images to Tkinter
255 Challenge – Complete the Applications User Interface (UI)
256 Add a Count Down Mechanism
257 Dynamic Typing Explained
258 Setting Different Timer Sessions and Values
259 Adding Checkmarks and Resetting the Application

Day 29 – Intermediate – Building a Password Manager GUI App with Tkinter
260 Day 29 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
261 Challenge 1 – Working with Images and Setting up the Canvas
262 Challenge 2 – Use grid() and columnspan to Complete the User Interface
263 Solution to the Creating the Grid Layout
264 Challenge 3 – Saving Data to File
265 Dialog Boxes and Pop-Ups in Tkinter
266 Generate a Password Copy it to the Clipboard

Day 30 – Intermediate – Errors Exceptions and JSON Data Improving the Password
267 Day 30 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
268 Catching Exceptions The try catch except finally Pattern
269 Raising your own Exceptions
270 [Interactive Coding Exercise] IndexError Handling
271 [Interactive Coding Exercise] KeyError Handling
272 Code Exercise Exception Handling in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet Project
273 Write read and update JSON data in the Password Manager
274 Challenge 1 – Handling Exceptions in the Password Manager
275 Challenge 2 – Search for a Website in the Password Manager

Day 31 – Intermediate – Flash Card App Capstone Project
276 Day 31 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
277 Step 1 – Create the User Interface (UI) with Tkinter
278 Solution Walkthrough for Creating the UI
279 Step 2 – Create New Flash Cards
280 Solution Walkthrough for Creating New Flash Cards
281 Step 3 – Flip the Cards
282 Solution Walkthrough for Flipping Cards
283 Step 4 – Save Your Progress
284 Solution Walkthrough for Saving Progress

Day 32 – Intermediate Send Email (smtplib) Manage Dates (datetime)
285 Day 32 Goals what we will make by the end of the day
286 A Note About the Next Lesson Google SMTP Port
287 How to Send Emails with Python using SMTP
288 Working with the datetime Module
289 Challenge 1 – Send Motivational Quotes on Mondays via Email
290 Automated Birthday Wisher Project Challenge
291 Solution Walkthrough for the Automated Birthday Wisher
292 Run Your Python Code in the Cloud

Day 33 – Intermediate API Endpoints API Parameters – ISS Overhead Notifier
293 Day 33 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
294 What are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
295 API Endpoints and Making API Calls
296 Working with Responses HTTP Codes Exceptions JSON Data
297 Challenge – Build a Kanye Quotes App using the Kanye Rest API
298 Understand API Parameters Match Sunset Times with the Current Time
299 ISS Overhead Notifier Project – Challenge Solution

Day 34 – Intermediate API Practice – Creating a GUI Quiz App
300 Day 34 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
301 Trivia Question API Challenge
302 Solution Walkthrough for getting Trivia Questions
303 Unescaping HTML Entities
304 Class based Tkinter UI
305 Python Typing Showing the Next Question in the GUI
306 Python Typing Type Hints and Arrows –
307 Check the Answer
308 Give Feedback to the Player Keep Score and Fix the Bugs )

Day 35 – Intermediate Keys Authentication Environment Variables Send SMS
309 Day 35 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
310 What is API Authentication and Why Do We Need to Authenticate Ourselves
311 Using API Keys to Authenticate and Get the Weather from OpenWeatherMap
312 Challenge – Check if it Will Rain in the Next 12 Hours
313 Sending SMS via the Twilio API
314 Use PythonAnywhere to Automate the Python Script
315 Understanding Environment Variables and Hiding API Keys

Day 36 – Intermediate Stock Trading News Alert Project
316 Day 36 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
317 Choose Your Destiny
318 Solution Walkthrough for Step 1 – Check for Stock Price Movements
319 Solution Walkthrough for Step 2 – Get the News Articles
320 Solution Walkthrough for Step 3 – Send the SMS Messages

Day 37 – Intermediate Habit Tracking Project API Post Requests Headers
321 Day 37 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
322 HTTP Post Requests
323 Advanced Authentication using an HTTP Header
324 Challenge Add a Pixel to the Habit Tracker using a Post Request
325 Autofilling todays date using strftime
326 How to use HTTP Put and Delete Requests

Day 38 – Intermediate Workout Tracking Using Google Sheets
327 Day 38 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
328 Step 1 – Setup API Credentials and Google Spreadsheet
329 Step 2 – Get Exercise Stats with Natural Language Queries
330 Step 3 – Setup Your Google Sheet with Sheety
331 Step 4 – Saving Data into Google Sheets
332 Step 5 – Authenticate Your Sheety API
333 Step 6 – Environment Variables in Repl.it

Day 39 – Intermediate Capstone Part 1 Flight Deal Finder
334 Day 39 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
335 Step 1 – Download the starting project
336 Step 2 – Chose Your Path
337 Step 3 – Get the IATA Codes
338 Step 4 – Search for Cheap Flights
339 Step 5 – If Flight Price Lower than in Google Sheet send an SMS

Day 40 – Intermediate Capstone Part 2 Flight Club
340 Day 40 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
341 Step 1 – Create the Customer Acquisition Code
342 Step 2 – Download the Starting Project
343 Step 3 – Exception Handling for Destinations without Flights
344 Step 4 – Destinations without Direct Flights
345 Step 5 – Email all our customers

Day 41 – Web Foundation – Introduction to HTML
346 Day 41 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
347 How Does the Internet Actually Work
348 How Do Websites Actually Work
349 Optional Install the Atom Text Editor used in the Video Lessons
350 Introduction to HTML
351 The Anatomy of an HTML Tag
352 What were building – HTML Personal Site
353 What is The HTML Boilerplate
354 How to Structure Text in HTML
355 HTML Lists
356 HTML Image Elements
357 HTML Links and Anchor Tags

Day 42 – Web Foundation – Intermediate HTML
358 Day 42 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
359 HTML Tables
360 Using HTML Tables for Layout
361 HTML Tables Code Challenge
362 How to Type Emojis
363 HTML Tables Solution Walkthrough
364 HTML Forms
365 Forms in Practice – Create a Contact Me Form
366 Publish Your Website

Day 43 – Web Foundation – Introduction to CSS
367 Day 43 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
368 Introduction to CSS
369 Inline CSS
370 A Quick Note about the Next Lesson
371 Internal CSS
372 External CSS
373 How to Debug CSS Code
374 The Anatomy of CSS Syntax
375 CSS Selectors
376 Classes vs. Ids

Day 44 – Web Foundation – Intermediate CSS
377 Day 44 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
378 What Well Make – Stylised Personal Site
379 What Are Favicons
380 HTML Divs
381 The Box Model of Website Styling
382 CSS Display Property
383 CSS Static and Relative Positioning
384 Absolute positioning
385 The Dark Art of Centering Elements with CSS
386 Font Styling in Our Personal Site
387 Adding Content to Our Website
388 CSS Sizing
389 Font Properties Challenge 1 – Change the Font Colour
390 Font Properties Challenge 2 – Change the Font Weight
391 Font Properties Challenge 3 – Change the Line Height
392 CSS Font Property Challenge Solutions
393 CSS Float and Clear
394 CSS Challenge
395 Stylised Personal Site Solution Walkthrough
396 [Optional] Get More Practice HTML and CSS

Day 45 – Intermediate Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup
397 Day 45 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
398 Parsing HTML and Making Soup
399 Finding and Selecting Particular Elements with BeautifulSoup
400 Scraping a Live Website
401 Is Web Scraping Legal
402 Movies that You Must Watch

Day 46 – Intermediate Create a Spotify Playlist using the Musical Time Machine
403 Day 46 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
404 Step 1 – Scraping the Billboard Hot 100
405 Step 2 – Authentication with Spotify
406 Step 3 – Search Spotify for the Songs from Step 1
407 Step 4 – Creating and Adding to Spotify Playlist

Day 47 – Intermediate Create an Automated Amazon Price Tracker
408 Day 47 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
409 Step 1 – Use BeautifulSoup to Scrape the Product Price
410 Step 2 – Email Alert When Price Below Preset Value

Day 48 – Intermediate Selenium Webdriver Browser and Game Playing Bot
411 Day 48 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
412 How to Install Set Up Selenium
413 How to Find and Select Elements on a Website with Selenium
414 Challenge Use Selenium to Scrape Website Data
415 Challenge Use Selenium in a Blank Project Scrape a Different Piece of Data
416 How to Automate Filling Out Forms and Clicking Buttons with Selenium
417 The Cookie Clicker Project
418 Challenge Create an Automated Game Playing Bot

Day 49 – Intermediate Automating Job Applications on LinkedIn
419 Day 49 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
420 Step 1 – Setup Your LinkedIn Account
421 Step 2 – Automatically Login
422 Step 3 – Apply for a Job
423 Step 4 – Apply for all the jobs

Day 50 – Intermediate Auto Tinder Swiping Bot
424 Day 50 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
425 Step 1 – Setup your account on Tinder
426 Step 2 – Navigate to Login Page
427 Step 3 – Login with Facebook
428 Step 4 – Dismiss all requests
429 Step 5 – Hit Like

Day 51 – Intermediate Internet Speed Twitter Complaint Bot
430 Day 51 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
431 Step 1 – Setup Your Twitter Account
432 Step 2 – Create a Class
433 Step 3 – Get Internet Speeds
434 Step 4 – Building a Twitter Bot to Tweet at your Internet Provider

Day 52 – Intermediate Instagram Follower Bot
435 Day 52 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
436 Step 1 – Get Your Instagram Credentials
437 Step 2 – Create a Class
438 Step 3 – Login to Instagram
439 Step 4 – Find the followers of the target account
440 Step 5 – Follow all the followers

Day 53 – Intermediate Web Scraping Capstone – Data Entry Job Automation
441 Day 53 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
442 Capstone Project Program Requirements

Day 54 – Intermediate Introduction to Web Development with Flask
444 Understanding Backend Web Development with Python
445 Create your First Web Server with Flask
446 Understand the Command Line on Windows and Mac
447 name and main Special Attributes built into Python
448 Python Functions as First Class Objects Passing Nesting Functions
449 Understanding Python Decorator Functions and the Syntax
450 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Create Your Own Python Decorator

Day 55 – Intermediate HTML URL Parsing in Flask and the Higher Lower Game
451 Day 55 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
452 Working Flask URL Paths and the Flask Debugger
453 Rendering HTML Elements with Flask
454 Challenge Use Python Decorators to Style HTML Tags
455 Advanced Decorators with args and kwargs
456 [Interactive Coding Exercise] Advanced Decorators
457 Final Project – Higher or Lower URLs

Day 56 – Intermediate Rendering HTMLStatic files and Using Website Templates
458 Day 56 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
459 Rendering HTML Files with Flask
460 Serving Static Files using Flask
461 How to Use Website Templates to Speed Up Web Development
462 Final Project – Name Card Website Template
463 Solution and Walkthrough for the Name Card Final Project

Day 57 – Intermediate Templating with Jinja in Flask Applications
464 Day 57 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
465 Using Jinja to Produce Dynamic HTML Pages
466 Challenge Combining Jinja Templating with APIs
467 Multiline Statements with Jinja
468 URL Building with Flask
469 Blog Capstone Project Part 1 – Templating

Day 58 – Web Foundation Bootstrap
470 Day 58 Goals What Youll Learn By the End of Today
471 What is Bootstrap
472 Installing Bootstrap
473 Web Design 101 – Wireframing
474 The Bootstrap Navigation Bar
475 What Well Make – Tindog
476 Download the Starting Files
477 Setting Up Our New Project
478 The Bootstrap Grid Layout System
479 Getting Custom Fonts and Montserrat Black to Work
480 Adding Grid Layouts to Our Website
481 A Note About CSS Link Order
482 Bootstrap Containers
483 Bootstrap Buttons and Font Awesome
484 Styling Our Website Challenges and Solutions
485 Bootstrap Challenge 1
486 Solution to Bootstrap Challenge 1
487 The Bootstrap Carousel Part 1
488 The Bootstrap Carousel Part 2
489 Bootstrap Cards
490 CSS Z-index and Stacking Order
491 Advanced CSS – Media Query Breakpoints
492 Bootstrap Challenge 2
493 Solution to Bootstrap Challenge 2
494 Code Refactoring
495 Refactor Our Website Part 1
496 Advanced CSS – Combining Selectors
497 Refactoring Our Website Part 2
498 Advanced CSS – Selector Priority
499 Completing the Website

Day 59 – Advanced – Blog Capstone Project Part 2 – Adding Styling
500 Day 59 Goals What youll make by the end of today
501 Step 1 – Download the starting project
502 Step 2 – Get the home page to work
503 Step 3 – Fix the header and footer
504 Step 4 – Using Jinja Include fo Render Templates
505 Step 5 – Make the About and Contact Pages Work
506 Step 6 – Fetch and render the blog posts from an API
507 Step 7 – Rendering Individual Posts

Day 60 – Advanced – Make POST Requests with Flask and HTML Forms
508 Day 60 goals – Make the Contact Form Work
509 HTML Forms Revision – Creating a Form from Scratch
510 Handle POST Requests with Flask Servers
511 POST Requests in Flask Solution
512 Getting the Contact Form to Work
513 Sending Email with smtplib

Day 61 – Advanced – Building Advanced Forms with Flask-WTForms
514 Day 61 Goals Building Advanced Forms
515 Installing Flask-WTF
516 Creating Forms with Flask-WTF
517 Code Improvements for Our WTForms
518 Adding Validation to Forms with Flask-WTF
519 Receiving Form Data with WTForms
520 Inheriting Templates Using Jinja2
521 Using Flask-Bootstrap as an Inherited Template
522 Flask-Bootstrap Supports WTForms

Day 62 – Advanced – Flask WTForms Bootstrap and CSV – Coffee Wifi Project
523 Download the Starting Project
524 Look at the Desired Final Product
525 Check Off Each Requirement

Day 63 – Advanced – Databases and with SQLite and SQLAlchemy
526 Day 63 Goals Creating a Virtual Bookshelf
527 Download the Starting Project
528 Make the Website Work
529 What Happens When You Refresh the Server
530 SQLite Databases
531 SQLAlchemy
532 CRUD Operations with SQLAlchemy
533 Build a SQLite Database into the Flask Website

Day 64 – Advanced -My Top 10 Movies Website
534 Day 64 Goals What Well Build
535 Download the Starting Project
536 Requirement 1 – Be Able to View Movie List Items
537 Requirement 2 – Be Able to Edit a Movies Rating and Review
538 Requirement 3 – Be Able to Delete Movies from the Database
539 Requirement 4 – Be Able to Add New Movies Via the Add Page
540 Requirement 5 – Be Able to Sort and Rank the Movies By Rating

Day 65 – Web Design School – How to Create a Website that People will Love
541 Introduction to Web Design
542 Understanding Color Theory
543 Understanding Typography and How to Choose Fonts
544 Manage ATTENTION with effective User Interface (UI) Design
545 User Experience (UX) Design
546 Web Design in Practice – Lets apply what weve learnt

Day 66 – Advanced – Building Your Own API with RESTful Routing
547 Day 66 Goals Build Your Own REST API Service
548 What is REST
549 Download the Starting Project
550 HTTP GET – a Random Cafe
551 HTTP GET – All the Cafes
552 HTTP GET – Find a Cafe
553 Postman – The all in one API Testing Tool
554 HTTP POST – A New Cafe
556 HTTP PATCH – A Cafes Coffee Price
557 HTTP DELETE – A Cafe thats Closed
558 Build Documentation for Your API

Day 67 – Advanced – Blog Capstone Project Part 3 – RESTful Routing
559 Day 67 Goals Building a RESTful Blog with Editing
560 Download the Starting Project
561 Requirement 1 – Be Able to GET Blog Post Items
562 Requirement 2 – Be Able to POST a New Blog Post
563 Requirement 3 – Be Able to Edit Existing Blog Posts
564 Requirement 4- Be Able DELETE Blog Posts

Day 68 – Advanced – Authentication with Flask
565 Day 68 Goals – Login and Registering Users with Authentication
566 What is Authentication
567 Download the Starting Project
568 Register New Users
569 Downloading Files
570 Encryption and Hashing
571 How to Hack Passwords 101
572 Salting Passwords
573 Hashing Passwords using Werkzeug
574 Authenticating Users with Flask-Login
575 Flask Flash Messages
576 Passing Authentication Status to Templates

Day 69 – Advanced – Blog Capstone Project Part 4 – Adding Users
577 Day 69 Goals – Adding Users to Our Blog Project
578 Download the Starting Project
579 Requirement 1 – Register New Users
580 Requirement 2 – Login Registered Users
581 Requirement 3 – Protect Routes
582 Creating Relational Databases
583 Requirement 4 – Allow Any User to Add Comments to BlogPosts

Day 70 – Advanced – Deploying Your Web Application with Digital Ocean
584 Day 70 Goals – Learn to Deploy Your Website
585 Version Control and Git
586 What is GitHub
587 Step 1 – Upload Your Project to GitHub
588 Step 2 – Use gunicorn and Heroku to host your website
589 Step 3 – Setup a WSGI server with gunicorn
590 Step 4 – Upgrade SQLite Database to PostgreSQL

Day 71 – Advanced – Data Exploration with Pandas College Major v.s. Your Salary
591 Day 71 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
592 Upload the Data and Read the .csv File
593 Getting Set Up for Data Science
594 Preliminary Data Exploration and Data Cleaning with Pandas
595 Accessing Columns and Individual Cells in a Dataframe
596 Solution Highest and Lowest Earning Degrees
597 Solution Degrees with the Highest Potential
598 Sorting Values Adding Columns Majors with the Most Potential vs Lowest Risk
599 Grouping and Pivoting Data with Pandas
600 Learning Points Summary

Day 72 – Advanced – Data Visualisation with Matplotlib Programming Languages
601 Day 72 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
602 Download and Open the Starter Notebook
603 Solution Preliminary Data Exploration
604 Solution Analysis by Programming Language
605 Data Cleaning Working with Time Stamps
606 Data Manipulation Pivoting DataFrames
607 Data Visualisation with Matplotlib
608 Multi-Line Charts with Matplotib
609 Smoothing out Time-Series Data
610 Learning Points Summary

Day 73 – Advanced – Aggregate Merge Data with Pandas Analyse the LEGO Dataset
611 Day 73 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
612 Use HTML Markdown to Make Your Notebook Look Pretty
613 Solution Exploring the LEGO Brick Colours
614 Find the Oldest and Largest LEGO Sets
615 Visualise the Number of Sets Published over Time
616 How to use the Pandas .agg() function
617 Superimposing Line Charts with Separate Axes
618 Scatter Plots Average Number of Parts per LEGO Set
619 Relational Database Schemas Primary and Foreign Keys
620 How to Merge DataFrames and Create Bar Charts
621 Learning Points Summary

Day 74 – Advanced – Google Trends Data Resampling and Visualising Time Series
622 Day 74 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
623 Data Exploration – Making Sense of Google Search Data
624 Data Cleaning – Resampling Time Series Data
625 Data Visualisation – Tesla Line Charts in Matplotlib
626 Using Locators and DateFormatters to generate Tick Marks on a Time Line
627 Data Visualisation – Bitcoin Line Style and Markers
628 Data Visualisation – Unemployment How to use Grids
629 Data Visualisation – Unemployment The Effect of New Data
630 Learning Points Summary

Day 75 – Advanced – Beautiful Plotly Charts Analysing the Android App Store
631 Day 75 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
632 Data Cleaning Removing NaN Values and Duplicates
633 Preliminary Exploration The Highest Ratings Most Reviews and Largest Size
634 Data Visualisation with Plotly Create Pie and Donut Charts
635 Numeric Type Conversions for the Installations Price Data
636 Plotly Bar Charts Scatter Plots The Most Competitive Popular App Categories
637 Extracting Nested Column Data using .stack()
638 Grouped Bar Charts and Box Plots with Plotly
639 Learning Points Summary

Day 76 – Advanced – Computation with NumPy and N-Dimensional Arrays
640 Day 76 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
641 NumPys ndarray – Incredible Power at Your Fingertips
642 Generating and Manipulating ndarrays
643 Broadcasting Scalars and Matrix Multiplication
644 Manipulating Images as ndarrays
645 Learning Points Summary

Day 77 – Advanced – Linear Regression and Data Visualisation with Seaborn
646 Day 77 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
647 Explore and Clean the Data
648 Investigate the Films that had Zero Revenue
649 Filter on Multiple Conditions International Films
650 Seaborn Data Visualisation Bubble Charts
651 Floor Division A Trick to Convert Years to Decades
652 Plotting Linear Regressions with Seaborn
653 Use scikit-learn to Run Your Own Regression
654 Learning Points Summary

Day 78 – Advanced – Analysing the Nobel Prize with Plotly Matplotlib Seaborn
655 Day 78 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
656 Update Packages in Google Colab Explore and Clean the Dataset
657 plotly Bar Donut Charts Analyse Prize Categories Women Winning Prizes
658 Using Matplotlib to Visualise Trends over Time
659 A Choropleth Map and the Countries with the Most Prizes
660 Create Sunburst Charts for a Detailed Regional Breakdown of Research Locations
661 Unearthing Patterns in the Laureate Age at the Time of the Award
662 Learning Points Summary

Day 79 – Advanced – The Tragic Discovery of Handwashing t-Tests Distributions
663 Day 79 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
664 Preliminary Data Exploration and Visualising Births Deaths at Vienna Hospital
665 Analysing the Yearly Data Split By Clinic
666 The Effect of Handwashing
667 Visualising Distributions and Testing for Statistical Significance
668 Learning Points Summary

Day 80 – Advanced – Capstone Project – Predict House Prices
669 Day 80 Goals what you will make by the end of the day
670 Solution Learning Points

Day 81 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Python Scripting]
671 The Road to Becoming a Professional Developer

Day 82 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Python Web Development]
672 Where are the Videos and the Solution Code

Day 83 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Python Scripting]

Day 84 – Professional Portfolio Project – [GUI]

Day 85 – Professional Portfolio Project – [GUI]

Day 86 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Game]

Day 87 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Web Development]

Day 88 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Web Development]

Day 89 – Professional Portfolio Project – [GUI Desktop App]

Day 90 – Professional Portfolio Project – [HTTP Requests APIs]

Day 91 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Image Processing Data Science]

Day 92 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Web Scraping]

Day 93 – Professional Portfolio Project – [GUI Automation]

Day 94 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Game]

Day 95 – Professional Portfolio Project – [HTTP Requests APIs]

Day 96 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Web Development]

Day 97 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Python Automation]

Day 98 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Data Science]

Day 99 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Data Science]

Day 100 – Professional Portfolio Project – [Data Science]

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